The Bloodline saga is still the apex of pro wrestling

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As Cody Rhodes was telling everyone he would finish his story at WrestleMania, I made a case for why Roman Reigns' story as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion should continue, saying:

" the prime of his career, with countless creative and financial avenues to explore and a part-time schedule that will extend his shelf life, the story of Roman Reigns is far from being over."

Of course, many fans didn't see the value in furthering Reigns' tale like I did, especially after social media nearly died following an epic meltdown in the aftermath of Reigns' victory over The American Nightmare.

Most claimed that WWE failed to make a new superstar in Rhodes though he's in the midst of a classic feud with Brock Lesnar where he's one up on The Beast. Many of those people also said that Reigns' saga with The Bloodline was stale and had run its course.

And then came the month of May.

After the Usos failed to regain the tag team titles, Roman Reigns said, "Nevermind, I'll do it myself," which didn't sit well with the twins, Jimmy and Jey. So, they decided to go into business for themselves by attacking the tag champs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn on SmackDown, which was not in the Tribal Chief's royal plan.

Now, for those who said that the harrowing adventures of the Bloodline had reached their peak, clearly, that's not the case. WWE has set the stage for an intriguing drama, leaving viewers with many questions that can only be answered by continuing to follow along to see what's next.

One question spectators may dread asking is what comes next for the tag team titles should Reigns prove successful in his pursuit of tandem glory. Where does that leave Zayn and Owens? How will Reigns' part-time status affect teams like the Street Profits, Judgment Day, and Imperium? Will WWE have to create another consolation prize, this time for its tag team division?

As much as I want to see the anarchy caused by the image of the Head of the Table seated at a banquet of championship gold, a Reigns victory at Night of Champions perhaps creates more problems than satisfying stories. So for one of the rare times during his fabled run, the best option may be for Reigns to fail in his quest for world domination, which leads to additional questions that produce more compelling television.

How does WWE book Reigns' defeat? He hasn't lost since December 2019, and a pinfall or submission over the Undisputed Universal Champ is something most everyone agrees needs to mean something. And even though it's a tag team match, the sight of Reigns being pinned by his antagonist and betrayer, Sami Zayn, would -- for some -- bring a cathartic end to their rivalry.

And if that defeat happens due to a mishap caused by the Usos, that provides Reigns with his next obstacle, dealing with the problem that's become Jimmy and Jey.


"Who's the quarterback here?" (photo credit: WWE)

How will Reigns address his nephews following such calamity? How will the Usos respond to their Uncle? And who will Solo Sikoa side with? It's worth reminding everyone that Sikoa was sent to the Bloodline by the elders of the Samoan Dynasty to stop any conspiracies against the Tribal Chief.

But how will the elders, who Reigns dedicated his match to at Night of Champions, respond if he doesn't deliver on his word? Might the man formerly known as the Big Dog feel the bite from the big kahunas much like the Usos have had to feel the acerbity from Uncle Uce? And how will this all play into the upcoming Money in the Bank premium event? Will some fortunate superstar successfully cash in on Reigns' misery? And what does that mean for SummerSlam?

As the self-appointed Noble Scribe to the Tribe, I find those scenarios unappealing. But as an objective observer, every one of those queries sets up some must-see programming. It also reinforces why continuing Roman Reigns' story was and still is the right call.

Now let me turn it over to you. Cagesiders, are you excited to see where the Bloodline story goes next? What do you think will happen or should happen?

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