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Samoa Joe has fighting words for NJPW TV champion

There is only room for one television champion in Ring of Honor. Samoa Joe takes up that mantle holding the ROH World Television Championship. Thanks to the Forbidden Door, another TV titleholder was on the latest episode of ROH TV (May 18, 2023), and it did not sit well with Joe.

ROH welcomed Zack Sabre Jr. to the show, and he brought the NJPW World Television Championship with him. Sabre was in action against AR Fox with the title on the line. The NJPW champ entered on a 134-day reign.

Fox’s athletic style gave Sabre a lot of trouble early. The champ eventually slowed down the pace with his grappling prowess to pick Fox apart limb by limb. Fox rallied with heart, but Sabre’s skills on the mat were too much to handle. Sabre manipulated Fox into an ankle lock submission, then he transitioned to a spladle for a stretch muffler. Fox tapped out in defeat.

Business picked up after the match with Sabre, Samoa Joe, Christoper Daniels, and Matt Sydal.

Sabre was on the mic putting over his TV title belt. That was his seventh successful defense, and Jeff Cobb is next at the NJPW Dominion PPV on June 4. Sabre took pride in making history as the inaugural titleholder to become the best champion in the world.

Enter Joe with the ROH TV title over his shoulder. Joe was cordial but also menacing. He was offended by the presence of the NJPW TV title. In the world of TV titles, there can only be one in ROH. Joe proposed a showdown right then and there to find out who is the one.

Before Sabre could answer, Daniels and Sydal were on stage interrupting. Daniels suggested Sydal should be in line for a shot. Sydal is here for big matches, and he has his eye on both Sabre and Joe. Which TV champ wants to step up to give Sydal an opportunity?

Sabre replied with a cunning plan. He proposed teaming with Samoa Joseph to wrestle those former ROH tag champions. If Daniels or Sydal can earn the win, then they will receive a TV title shot against the man they beat.

Sabre then turned his attention to Joe’s issue over the TV titles. When they finish with those buffoons, then perhaps Sabre and Joe can settle the debate over who is the best television champion in all of professional wrestling. Joe sealed it with a handshake.

Darn those do-gooders. Under normal circumstances, I would support Daniels and Sydal sticking their noses into heel business to angle toward a title shot. However, the tease of Sabre versus Joe is not normal circumstances. That contest would be a delightful treat with big stakes and huge bragging rights. Hey, Daniels and Sydal, butt out. Let’s get the ball rolling on AEW and NJPW delivering the clash of TV champions.

Who do you think is the best TV champion in the business?

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