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NWA Crockett Cup 2023 tag team tournament seedings and bracket

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The Crockett Cup 2023 tag team tournament is fast approaching on June 3 and June 4 in Winston-Salem, NC. The NWA has been trickling out participants over the past few weeks, and now we now the full bracket and seedings.

Kyle Davis delivered the news in video format.

By last count, we were at 20 of the 24 teams. The fresh reveals were Dan Maff & Shawn Donovan, Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus, and Magic Jake Dumas & Brian Brock. The final team will be determined in a three-way match between Daisy Kill & Talos, Sal The Pal & Gaagz The Gimp, and Jeremiah Plunkett & Eric Jackson.

Let’s get to the seedings. One of the cool things about the current era of Crockett Cup is how the NWA presents it similar to the NCAA basketball tournament. That means the top four seeds are the favorites to advance to the semifinals.

Coming in at #1 is La Rebelion. Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf are the current reigning NWA world tag champs at 265 days and counting. #2 is Tyrus & Chris Adonis based on the stroke of Tyrus as reigning NWA worlds heavyweight champion. #3 is a pair of mean mama jamas in Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch. They are relatively new as partners, but their rugged style has silenced doubters. #4 is a bit of a surprise with Myzteziz Jr. & Octagon Jr. from AAA. They are crafty high-flyers with show-stealing potential. It’s cool seeing NWA offer respect to visitors outside their company.

Check out the full seeding list:

1. La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf)
2. Tyrus & Chris Adonis
3. Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch
4. Myzteziz Jr. & Octagon Jr.
5. A Cut Above (Thom Latimer & Rhett Titus)
6. The Mortons (Ricky Morton & Kerry Morton)
7. Country Gentlemen (AJ Cazana & Anthony Andrews)
8. Blunt Force Trauma (Damage & Carnage) with Aron Stevens
9. Cyon & Jordan Clearwater
10. Kratos & Odinson
11. Toxin & Arez
12. The Fixers (Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legursky)
13. SVGS (Jax Dane & Blake Troop)
14. Magnum Muscle (Dak Draper & Big Strong Mims)
15. Judais & Max The Impaler with Father James Mitchell
16. Flip Gordon & Fodder
17. Sent 2 Slaughter (Dan Maff & Shawn Donovan)
18. The Now (Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus)
19. The Spectaculars (Rush Freeman & Brady Pierce)
20. T.N.T. (Terrell Hughes & Terrence Hughes)
21. Yabo The Clown & Ruffo The Clown
22. The Heatseekers (Elliott Russell & Matt Sigmon)
23. Magic Jake Dumas & Brian Brock
24. Daisy Kill & Talos, Sal The Pal & Gaagz The Gimp, or Jeremiah Plunkett & Eric Jackson

The NWA also produced the tournament bracket for a handy-dandy visual.


A couple of thoughts stick out to me. La Rebelion should advance to the semifinal without much trouble, but the trickery of Aron Stevens guiding Blunt Force Trauma can not be overlooked. BFT might be able to cheat their way to the final four.

Many have their eye on T.N.T., since they are the sons of D-Von Dudley. SVGS are a pair of tough dudes, and that will be a slobberknocker for T.N.T. to win. If successful in round one, I don’t see T.N.T. advancing past Myzteziz Jr. & Octagon Jr. It doesn’t make much sense to rank the luchadores so high only to lose right off the bat. Myzteziz Jr. & Octagon Jr. will have to work hard to get past Thom Latimer & Rhett Titus for a trip to the final four.

Oh wee, Tyrus & Chris Adonis versus Judais & Max The Impaler should be a fun second round match. Seeing Tyrus rumble with Max could be worth the price of admission. I don’t envision Tyrus & Adonis failing to make the final four, but that would also mean Tyrus would be too busy to defend the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship on Night 2. Either Tyrus & Adonis are a stone cold lock to advance or the team combusts leading to Adonis getting a world title rematch. If Tyrus & Adonis do come up short early, then Judais & Max would be a pretty interesting team to make an underdog run deep into the tournament.

It is a tough call between Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch and The Mortons to round out the final four. I have to favor the heavyweights due to the tournament format crunching matches over two days. Ricky Morton is going to have a tough recovery with the wear and tear at his age of 66.

Prediction time!

Going chalk for the final four is a safe bet, however, I don’t think the NWA will play it straight. There has to be at least one wrinkle. Plus, they are going to need some championship matches to fill out the card on Night 2. That’s why I’m picking Blunt Force Trauma versus Myzteziz Jr. & Octagon Jr. on one side and Tyrus & Adonis versus Knox & Murdoch on the other side. Since I have Tyrus in that mix, I think his team takes the glory over BFT in the end.

Tickets are on sale for the Crockett Cup live event in Winston-Salem, NC on June 3 and June 4. The broadcast airs through Fite TV as a bundle or single shows (Night 1, Night 2).

Share your take on the Crockett Cup 2023 seedings and bracket. Who are you picking for the final four and the eventual winner? Which teams are on upset alert? Who has your eye as an underdog?

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