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CMLL Roundup: Templario becomes double champ, Steelers RB Najee Harris visits, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world.

A hot feud is getting hotter. Templario and Dragon Rojo Jr. have been bitter rivals for awhile now. During their latest round of fisticuffs, bragging rights went to Templario for winning the championship held by Dragon Rojo Jr. In the process, it made Templario a double champ.

Dragon Rojo Jr. put the CMLL World Middleweight Championship on the line against Templario during Friday’s show (May 12, 2023). The action was fast and furious. Templario had a trick up his sleeve for victory. Chamuel distracted the referee, so Templario could pull off the mask of Dragon Rojo Jr. Templario scored a pin on his unmasked opponent and hid his treachery from the ref. New champ!

Templario now holds both the CMLL World Middleweight Championship and the Mexican National Middleweight Championship. The title reign of Dragon Rojo Jr. ends at 405 days.

After the match, Templario rubbed his win in the face of Dragon Rojo Jr. The victor even proclaimed that he would take his rival’s mask at the anniversary show in September. No matches have been announced yet for the CMLL 90th Anniversary event, but this appears to be a strong contender to be included on the card.

The highlight package has plenty of cool moves, along with the sneaky finish.

In a bit of a sports crossover, Pittsburgh Steelers running back Najee Harris ventured to Arena Mexico to visit CMLL on Tuesday night (May 9, 2023). He was in town on NFL business. Harris palled around with the legendary Atlantis. Harris didn’t get physical, but he did do a little boogie.

Earlier in the day, Harris partook in a brief public relations moment. He spoke about his appreciation for the athleticism in lucha libre. When it was time to say goodbye, Harris playfully signed off with, “Chupa mis huevos,” which translates to, “Suck my balls.”

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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