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Eddie Kingston confirms he’s had hernia surgery in the most Eddie Kingston way

We learned that Ring of Honor’s Eddie Kingston needed hernia surgery via a promo. Ditto on when he’d be getting that operation, and for how long it was expected to keep him sidelined.

The Mad King’s a pro wrestler through and through, so those are pretty Eddie Kingston ways to share those tidbits of information. But they’re not quite as Eddie Kingston as the way he told us the procedure was complete — and hopefully successful...

That’s just pure, unfiltered Eddie Kingston right there.

Based on the like 151 proof Kingston pronouncements that preceded this one, we can now start the countdown for Eddie’s return. That should be in late June. We figure he’ll get back to chasing Claudio Castagnoli or whoever is ROH World champ at that point, but we’re excited to find out for sure.

Get well soon, Eddie. You’ll just have to imagine us returning the one-finger salute.

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