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Tyrus comically outsmarts Chris Adonis to retain NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

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Tyrus is a smart cookie. Beneath the massive size of his 6 foot 7 inch frame, his body is fueled by brain power. Tyrus used his noggin to outsmart Chris Adonis to retain the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at the NWA 312 PPV (April 7, 2023).

The story of the match was whether or not Adonis could apply the Masterlock submission. There was credible doubt due to the enormous proportions of Tyrus’ shoulder width.

Despite Adonis muscular physique, Tyrus proved to be the stronger of the two. The champion knocked down the challenger twice on lockups to start the match. Tyrus backed Adonis into the corner, so Adonis went for the Masterlock. Tyrus quickly stepped through the ropes for the official break before Adonis could clasp his fingers.

The contest progressed with Adonis focused on working the knee to knock the big man down. Tyrus’ strategy was to damage the lower back and trapezius to weaken the ability of Adonis to flex the Masterlock.

Adonis had momentum down the stretch. He went high-risk, and that was a mistake. Tyrus caught him for an exploder suplex. Tyrus charged into the corner, but he ran into a big boot from Adonis. The Masterpiece body slammed the super heavyweight. Adonis was jacked with emotion. He called for the Masterlock. Tyrus crawled into the corner, so Adonis climbed onto the second rope to use as leverage for his signature submission. Adonis was on Tyrus’ back, but he couldn’t lock it tight. Tyrus muscled out for a backward slam on the mat.

Tyrus sat up for a breather with Adonis still behind him. The challenger sat up as well, and Tyrus was in the perfect position for the Masterlock. Adonis successfully executed the hold!

NWA 312

Tyrus was fading. Adonis continued to crank hard. Tyrus realized the benefit of his position. He leaned all his weight backward onto Adonis. The challenger’s shoulders were flat on the mat, and he couldn’t escape. 1, 2, 3. Tyrus was victorious. What a way to lose.

NWA 312

Tyrus pointed to his head to signify the intelligence of that counter tactic. He has held the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship for 147 days and counting.

How long do you think Tyrus’ title reign will last? How would be your pick to dethrone the champion?

The NWA 312 replay is available for viewing through Fite TV.

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