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Aron Stevens backs up tough talk in NWA street fight

Aron Stevens talked a big game about his street fighting prowess prior to the Titanic Tampa Street Fight on the latest episode of NWA Powerrr (Apr. 4, 2023). He backed up his words to dish out a ball-kicking on Rolando Freeman.

Stevens pounded the diminutive wrestler with his fists to start the match. He took the fight backstage into catering. Freeman turned the tide by shaking up a bottle of Sprite to spray in Stevens’ face. Freeman added a running bulldog onto the snack table.

Stevens tested Freeman’s testicular fortitude to regain control. Freeman had a fire extinguisher ready to strike, so Stevens hit a low blow to save himself. Stevens loaded his adversary into a shopping cart to ram into the ring steps.

Back inside the ring, Stevens picked up a hammer throw ball and chain with bad intentions to smash Freeman’s skull. The playboy got payback by pulling a bullrope up into the cojones of Stevens. The rope had been tied to the corner. Both men struggled with gonad pain.

NWA Powerrr

Freeman fired up with furious punches. Rolando ran the ropes, but he ran into a punch from Stevens’ loaded glove. Freeman was out cold for the easy pin. Stevens was victorious.

This match was on the goofy side, so mileage will vary on enjoyment.

The Titanic Tampa Street Fight starts at 39:31 of NWA Powerrr.

Were you entertained?

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