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NWA Roundup: Best friends fight for women’s TV title, flirty three-way, more!

Let’s check in on the National Wrestling Alliance.

The latest edition of NWA Powerrr featured a women’s TV title bout, #1 contender status on the line, and Crockett Cup qualifying contests.

Kenzie Paige’s first defense of the NWA Women’s World Television Championship was against best friend Ella Envy. Despite being teammates in Pretty Empowered, neither one could be trusted. Envy tried a sneaky roll-up off a handshake at the start. Paige pulled hair in aid to execute moves. Paige exploded for a superkick and cutter to win at 2:59 of the 6:05 time limit. Pretty Empowered hugged after the match.

Thrillbilly Silas Mason is the #1 contender to challenge EC3 for the NWA National Championship at a later date. First, Silas decided to put that honor up for grabs in a match against Odinson. This was Thrillbilly’s payback for Odinson putting hands on Pollo Del Mar. Odinson escaped a powerbomb to shove Silas into the ropes. Silas was trapped with his arms tied up. Pollo saved her man by spraying silver into Odinson’s face. Silas got free then finished with the Thrill Ride spinning slam. After the match, Kratos ran in to clothesline Silas over the ropes. Expect Kratos to get a crack at the #1 contender status in the near future.

In other action, Jax Dane & Blake Troop defeated Daisy Kill & Talos. Dane took control with a low blow on the 7-footer. Dane slammed Talos on a Samoan drop and finished with a lariat. Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch defeated the Fixers. Murdoch rallied on the hot tag. The good guys finished on a high-low combo to Bradley. Both those tag team winners join Dak Draper & Big Strong Mims as official qualifiers for the Crockett Cup tournament on June 3 and June 4 in Winston-Salem, NC. (Full details here.)

On the promo tip, Kamille has an upcoming women’s world title defense against Natalia Markova. The champ plans to keep an eye on the challenger for any opportunistic tricks. Aron Stevens blamed a conspiracy on forcing Blunt Force Trauma to suffer the indignity of qualifying for the Crockett Cup.

The latest edition of NWA USA featured a flirty three-way.

PJ Hawx, Magic Jake Dumas, and Mercurio competed in a triple threat contest. CJ (Christi Jaynes) was on the outside as magician’s assistant. Dumas and Mercurio decided to work together to double-team Hawx. There was a little bit of disagreement over pinfalls and a double submission, but the arrangement never combusted. Hawx’s rally was cut short by Mercurio hitting a neckbreaker suplex over the knee. Instead of going for the pin, the Italian fashion model took fancy in CJ’s feminine wiles. Dumas crawled in for the winning pin. Mercurio didn’t care. He was more concerned about seducing CJ.

In other action, Damage defeated Rush Freeman. Aron Stevens and Rolando Freeman were ringside. The masked man was too powerful and finished with a spinebuster. Kylie Paige defeated the debuting Sierra. Paige was muscled around, but she showed savvy for the finish. Sierra sent Paige into the ropes. Paige returned with a kick to the gut and went over the top for a Code Red to win.

On the promo tip, the Country Gentleman were granted automatic entry into the Crockett Cup due to being current NWA United States tag team titleholders. Nobody is giving AJ Cazana and Anthony Andrews a chance to win, but they plan to mow down the field of 24. Kratos found a partner in Odinson to enter Crockett Cup qualifiers.

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