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MLW champion Alexander Hammerstone confirms injury

Alexander Hammerstone is injured. The MLW world heavyweight champion confirmed the news after rumors were floating in the ether. Hammerstone last competed in the War Chamber match, which was filmed on April 6. He was awkwardly removed during the hardcore fight and helped to the back by officials.

Hammerstone revealed that he suffered a torn adductor muscle. He was kind enough to post a photo of his meaty thighs for a swollen comparison between legs.

The good news is that Hammerman won’t be on the shelf for long. He is anticipating a return to action on May 12. The champ will not be missing any MLW shows either. The next MLW event is Never Say Never on July 8 in Philadelphia.

Hammerstone will have a bullseye on him upon return. Alex Kane won Battle Riot V to earn a world title shot to be cashed in at any time. The Suplex Assassin has a chance to conquer Muscle Mountain and end Hammer’s championship reign, currently standing at 573 days and counting.

Kane will need all the support he can get. It might even help if he wears Hammerstone’s t-shirt, which allegedly improves vascularity.

Get well soon, champ!

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