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Report: Trinity ‘Naomi’ Fatu’s return to wrestling is set (Possible SPOILER)

There have been rumors about her returning to WWE, and a disputed one about whether she might follow her former tag team partner Mercedes Moné to Japan. But we haven’t seen Trinity Fatu (fka Naomi) wrestle since she & the former Sasha Banks walked out of Raw almost a year ago.

It seems that’s about to change.

Earlier this week, Impact Wrestling said they will have a “MAJOR SURPRISE” at their taping this Friday (April 28) in the Chicago area. In a report on the subscription-required Elite section of their website, PWInsider says Trinity will be Impact’s surprise.

It’s not the proverbial one-shot deal, either. Insider’s Mike Johnson says she’ll be starting a run with the company at the Spring Slugfest taping.

While it’s not as high profile as AEW, and doesn’t have the wrestling nerd* cred that heading to Stardom would, this feels like it could be a great move for Fatu. She’ll get to be a big fish in a smaller pond, and have the opportunity to work with a lot of very talented performers. You’ll hear complaints about Impact, but not many about how they present the Knockouts division.

Let us know if you’re excited to Feel the Glow on AXS Thursday nights, and we’ll let you know what Trin gets up to at the tapings this weekend.

* That’s coming from someone who is 100% a wrestling nerd so... no offense. At least not any that I don’t also hold against myself.

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