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NWA Crockett Cup tag team tournament filling up

The NWA Crockett Cup tag team tournament is filling up with contenders for the two-night event on June 3 and June 4 in Winston-Salem, NC.


The latest episode of NWA Powerrr featured two qualifying matches.

Daisy Kill & Talos competed against Jax Dane & Blake Troop.

Dane and Troop are large men in their own right, but the 7-foot Talos had little trouble steamrolling them. Talos was in control for a chokeslam to Troop. Dane turned the tide with a low blow cheap shot. He hoisted the giant on his shoulders for a Samoan Drop and finished with a hefty clothesline. Dane & Troop advance to the Crockett Cup.

Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch were in action against The Fixers.

These big boys were throwing fists. Wrecking Ball Legursky body slammed Knox and added a leg drop. The Fixers isolated Matt Cardona’s former best friend. That led to a hot tag for Murdoch. He hit a sitdown powerbomb on Jay Bradley. Knox borrowed Wrecking Ball’s name for a hammering running crossbody to take out Legursky. Murdoch connected on a big boot to Bradley. Murdoch and Knox finished Bradley with a high-low combo attack. Bobby Fulton ran out to celebrate with the winners. Knox & Murdoch advance to the Crockett Cup.

The official qualifier list for the Crockett Cup includes:

  • Magnum Muscle (Dark Draper & Big Strong Mims)
  • SVGS (Jax Dane & Blake Troop)
  • Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch

Unofficial duos likely to enter are Tyrus & his special partner, Ricky Morton & Kerry Morton, NWA world tag champs Mecha Wolf & Bestia 666, and NWA US tag champs AJ Cazana & Anthony Andrews. Aron Stevens’ Blunt Force Trauma are being forced to qualify.

Watch the full episode of NWA Powerrr.

Do you think any of these official squads can win the Crockett Cup tournament? What tag team name would you give to Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch?

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