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MLW Roundup: Richard Holliday free agent, Fusion TV show to return, more!

MLW is ready to riot. Battle Riot V airs Tuesday night (Apr. 25, 2023) on REELZ.

Battle Riot is similar to the Royal Rumble. 40 combatants enter, 1 leaves with a world title shot. The action will be fast and furious. MLW explains the rules as:

A new wrestler enters the RIOT every minute. Elimination can occur by pinfall, submission or by being thrown over the top rope. ANYTHING GOES!!

Jacob Fatu has to be the favorite. He enters as last year’s winner, and he has a body type that is tough to take down for elimination. John Morrison is the biggest name in the mix. Davey Boy Smith Jr. is a powerhouse with quality credentials to make a Battle Riot win feel important. Mance Warner would be a fan favorite to survive in victory. If MLW wants to use the Battle Riot to launch a new star, Sam Adonis would be a good call. He’s the top heel in AAA right now. The one name that would be most interesting to win, in my opinion, is Lio Rush. Challenging Alexander Hammerstone for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship would be a cool clash of styles.

Battle Riot V airs MLW Underground for Tuesday at 10 pm ET on REELZ. International viewers can catch the show on Sunday at 12 pm ET through Premier Streaming Network.

Speaking of Hammerstone, his injury in War Chamber is rumored to be legit.

According to Fightful Select, MLW star Alexander Hammerstone was legitimately injured during the War Chamber match. A significant portion of the planned match had to be cut out or changed, including the finish and the aftermath, when Hammerstone left early due to injury.

On the news front, Richard Holliday is officially a free agent from MLW.

A dynastic reunion in AEW makes a lot of sense. Holliday has MJF’s full support as a talented bro. MJF has almost burned through every bridge in bribing heels to do his dirty work. Bringing in an old pal to watch his back would make MLW fans excited.

When MLW Underground was originally announced for REELZ, that meant MLW was airing two shows per week. That was the plan, but plans changed temporarily. MLW Fusion disappeared from Pro Wrestling TV. Well, MLW is bringing back Fusion. Details on where to watch are not available yet. What we do know is that new season will focus on the Super Series material filmed in Mexico.

MLW’s next live event will be Never Say Never on July 8 in Philadelphia.

We’ll close with new merch for the Second Gear Crew.

Share your thoughts on the happenings in MLW.

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