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Wardlow & Goldberg have talked about a dream match ‘to see who really is next’

Bill Goldberg is looking at doing a self-promoted international tour to wrap up his Hall of Fame career. Wardlow is a rising star for AEW who sometimes draws comparisons to Goldberg.

Sounds like something that could lead to something, if you know what I mean. And Wardlow seems to know what I mean.

WhatCulture’s Simon Miller caught up to the now-three time TNT champion at Wrestlecon, shortly after Goldberg allegedly walked by Wardlow’s booth, pointed at the AEW big man, and said, “You’re next.”

“Well, I actually pointed at him and I said, ‘Bet your ass I’m not next.’ Yeah, you guys just missed it. Goldberg did walk through just a minute ago and we exchanged words.”

Were they talking about a match?

“Don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes, but we both mutually agreed that if the opportunity comes, we would love to see who really is next.”

Wardlow said that Bill’s on his three-man dream match list:

“Yeah, if you could have Batista, Lesnar, Goldberg, I put those three in the same category of like dream monster matches. Goldberg is...we just heard, ‘Wardlow.’ We haven’t heard that chant since ‘Goldberg.’ I think Wardlow versus Goldberg, it doesn’t get bigger than that. It does not get bigger than Wardlow versus Goldberg.”

Miller mentioned Goldberg’s recent retirement talk, and Wardlow gave that possibility something above dream match status:

“If it comes down to Wardlow is the man to retire Goldberg, I can die peacefully.”

Let us know what you think of that potential meat slapper, and check out Miller’s chat with Wardlow here.

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