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NWA Roundup: Two title fights, Crockett Cup qualifier, more!

Let’s check in on the National Wrestling Alliance.

The latest edition of NWA Powerrr featured two title fights.

Thom Latimer entered in his second defense of the NWA World Television Championship for the Lucky 7 rule. His opponent was Fodder. The challenger controlled much of the match thanks to interference from Angelina Love. Fodder hit Latimer with a kendo stick with one minute to go in the 6:05 time limit. Latimer pleaded with the referee to allow the match to continue without disqualifying Fodder. The champion quickly turned the tide with a powerbomb and a crossface submission to win with 30 seconds remaining.

Kerry Morton was feeling cocky with the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship. He claimed to be the epitome of professional wrestling. Ricky Morton rolled his eyes at Kerry’s ego rising. Kerry put his belt on the line in the main event against Joe Alonzo. Kerry was solo without his father. Jamie Stanley was ringside causing mischief on behalf of Alonzo. Kerry tricked Alonzo into colliding with Stanley, then he rolled up Alonzo by grabbing the tights for the three-count. I think Kerry’s cheating was more in line as a cheeky babyface giving the heel a taste of his own medicine rather than any heel turn from him.

In other action, Natalia Markova defeated La Rosa Negra. In what began as a battle of ass shaking quickly increased in intensity. Rosa executed an airplane spinebuster. She then carried Markova into the corner, however, the Russian gained control for a missile dropkick. Markova hit the target on her spinning high kick in the corner to win.

On the promo tip, Tyrus announced that he will be competing in the Crockett Cup tag team tournament. The worlds champ hasn’t chosen a partner yet. Thrillbilly Silas Mason is wrestling Odinson next week to teach him a lesson for putting hands on Pollo Del Mar. Silas is also wagering his #1 contender status for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship in that match. Ella Envy will be Kenzie Paige’s first challenger for the NWA Women’s Television Championship. Envy is confident in her ability to beat her friend. EC3 feels vindicated as national champion. He is one step away from reaching his final form as worlds champion, but he isn’t overlooking any challengers for the national belt.

The latest edition of NWA USA featured a Crockett Cup qualifier.

The Crockett Cup tag team tournament will take place on June 3 and June 4 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The NWA held the first official qualifier for the event. Magnum Muscle defeated Fixers Nation. Dak Draper and Big Strong Mims were too powerful for Matt Vine and the masked man known as The Fixer. Fixers Nation was a new off-shoot of the Fixers plan to start a stable. Magnum Muscle pinned The Fixer on a powerslam vertical suplex teamwork combo.

On the promo tip, Jax Dane and Blake Troop have a Crockett Cup qualifier lined up against Daisy Kill and Talos. Bobby Fulton is blaming the Fixers for stealing his jacket.

In other action, Labrava Escobar defeated Celeste. CJ caused a distraction for Escobar to hit a cravat driver into the mat. Jeremiah Plunkett bested Salazar De La Muerte. Plunkett used a piledriver to finish the rugged fight.

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