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Roman Reigns joined in exclusive club by another world champion

Roman Reigns is the standard-bearer of excellence as a world champion in the current era of professional wrestling. The Tribal Chief has held the WWE Universal Championship for 965 days and counting. Believe that!

Nobody is close to Reigns’ level at the moment, but he does have limited company in the 500-day club. A new name recently passed the threshold for entry. Hijo del Vikingo has held the AAA Mega Championship for 505 days and counting.

Other members in the illustrious group include Kamille at 682 days and counting with the NWA Women’s World Championship and Alexander Hammerstone at 561 days and counting with the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.

CMLL has several qualifiers, however, their championships aren’t put on a pedestal driving their business model. The CMLL list includes:

  • Mistico (aka original Sin Cara) with the World Historic Middleweight Championship for 1,706 days
  • Titan with the World Welterweight Championship for 1,232 days
  • Lluvia & La Jarochita with the Mexican National Women’s Tag Team Championship for 919 days
  • Princesa Sugehit with the World Women’s Championship for 912 days
  • Mercurio with the CMLL World Mini-Estrella Championship for 792 days
  • Templario with the Mexican National Middleweight Championship for 576 days
  • Angel de Oro with the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship for 558 days
  • Dark Silueta with the Mexican National Women’s Championship for 523 days

Current champions in AEW, Impact, NJPW, NXT, and ROH all strike out for the club. Jade Cargill is close to passing the 500-day milestone with the TBS Championship in AEW, but she stands at 471 days with a super tough test coming on Dynamite against Taya Valkyrie.

Who do you think will be the next champion in the 500-day club to lose their title?

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