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Colt Cabana returns to ROH for a title shot

Colt Cabana returned to Ring of Honor, and he received a shot at gold on ROH TV (Apr. 20, 2023). Cabana’s career is primarily associated with ROH, but he has never held a singles title in that promotion. Cabana aimed to change that by challenging Samoa Joe for the ROH World Television Championship.

Cabana has wrestled Joe before with ROH titles on the line. Boom Boom came up short against Joe for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship in 2004, and he couldn’t get over the hump in defeat to Joe for the ROH Pure Championship in 2005. Would 2023 tell a different tale?

Cabana was proud to be back in ROH for this matchup. He planned on making the most of the opportunity.

Joe muscled Cabana into the corner. Cabana relied on evasive tactics for a sneaky roll-up. Joe regrouped and pounded Cabana with punches. Joe went for a quick finish by trying to get the Musclebuster. Cabana escaped and rallied for a Dream elbow, the Flying Apple hip attack, and a flying splash. Joe kicked out on the cover. Cabana’s momentum continued with a drop toehold. Boom Boom went high risk for a moonsault. Joe put his knees up to block, then the champion quickly snatched the challenger’s neck for a rear naked choke. That was a wrap. Joe is still the ROH TV champion.

How would you like to see Colt Cabana used in ROH moving forward?

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