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Mercedes Moné is setting up her next NJPW/Stardom feud, and it’s a big one

You may or may not buy the report Mercedes Moné is currently negotiating with Bushiroad for (Capt. Charisma voice) one more match because her initial deal was only for three New Japan/Stardom dates. But either way, it seems Moné is setting up something for after she defends the IWGP Women’s title against Mayu Iwatani this weekend at All Star Queendom in Tokyo.

It’s a rivalry even casual observers of the joshi (Japanese women’s wrestling) scene have had circled since the first rumors about the former Sasha Banks heading across the Pacific — the current holder of Stardom’s top title, the World of Stardom championship, Giulia.

Not familiar with the Italian-Japanese heel sensation? This 2021 hair vs. hair match with Tam Nakano isn’t a bad way to start familiarizing yourself, especially since these two bitter rivals are still beefing and will face each other in the co-main event of All Star Queendom on Sunday:

But back to the Legit Boss C.E.O., Giulia told Tokyo Sports she’s interested in a double title match with the IWGP champ. That got Moné’s attention, and she quote-tweeted the story with an in-character response:

She followed that with some more “I don’t know her” shade, which eventually led to her tagging the wrong Giulia...

The right Giulia did respond, quote-tweeting Mercedes with an English line that wouldn’t fly in the States before telling Moné to learn Japanese. This morning, she tweeted this, hyping this potential big money match but saying she has to focus on her next one first:

Assuming they wouldn’t be putting in this social media work unless they were going to do the thing, the question becomes when it would happen... and if it would just be a one-off match or a longer rivalry. That could depend on how long Mercedes is signed or re-upping with Bushiroad for (could it last until next January’s Wrestle Kingdom?), and maybe if she can work out a deal with Tony Khan (Forbidden Door? All In? with Jamie Hayter thrown in for more titles and even more dream matches?).

Buckle up.

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