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AAA Guerra de Rivalidades tournament results: One step closer to LA Park vs. Rush in mask vs. hair

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AAA’s marquee attraction for their three Triplemania events this year is the Guerra de Rivalidades tournament pairing rivals together with the ultimate losers advancing to mask versus mask or mask versus hair. The semifinals went down at Triplemania XXXI: Monterrey, and we are now one step closer to LA Park meeting Rush in the much-desired lucha de apuestas.

LA Park and Rush teamed together against Blue Demon Jr. and DMT Azul in one half of the bracket. The action paired off into Rush fighting Blue Demon Jr. and LA Park fighting DMT Azul. It was basically two separate singles brawls. Rush and DMT Azul had control and didn’t care about each other, even though, they were on opposing teams. The contest eventually transitioned into team versus team, although, I don’t think there was one tag for the entire bout.

Heavy moves were hit all around. Bestia del Ring, Rush’s father, ran out to help his son. LA Park Jr. arrived to protect his father and dispatch Bestia. In the midst of the chaos, LA Park landed a flying splash onto Blue Demon Jr. through a table. Rush mounted Blue Demon Jr. with furious punches. Rush got so crazy that he cold-cocked the referee. LA Park turned on his partner for a low blow kick to the cojones. LA Park pulled Blue Demon Jr. on top of Rush then quickly revived the referee, who promptly administered a fast three-count as payback. Blue Demon Jr. and DMT Azul were victorious, while LA Park and Rush advance to the Guerra de Rivalidades tournament final.

It’s hard to write an efficient recap that makes sense for this match, so watch the finish for yourself. If you are wondering why the teams don’t care about winning, the answer is that the hatred is too strong. LA Park and Rush would rather fight each other in mask versus hair.

On the other half of the Guerra de Rivalidades bracket, Pentagon Jr. and Alberto El Patron competed against Psycho Clown and Sam Adonis. Penta and Alberto were the only tag team in this tournament that had no real beef, so they worked together as a unit. Adonis blatantly refused tags when Psycho Clown was in trouble. Penta and Alberto had enough of Adonis’ rude behavior toward Psycho, so they took the fight to the rudo as babyface stars.

In the end, Alberto hit his double stomp finisher to Adonis hanging in the corner. Psycho came in to tussle with Alberto. Adonis decided to hit his own partner with a flag pole. Psycho returned the favor to attack Adonis. The tecnicos pounced for victory. Penta hit a Mexican Destroyer on Psycho, and Alberto applied an armbar to Adonis. Psycho and Adonis continued fighting each other after the match.

This was another bout that sounds weird in writing. Here is video of the finish.

The Guerra de Rivalidades semifinal will take place at AAA Triplemania XXXI: Tijuana on July 15. The loser of LA Park & Rush versus Psycho Clown & Sam Adonis will advance to a mask versus hair bout at AAA Triplemania XXXI: Mexico City on August 12. There is actually a lot of doubt on who the losers will be. AAA has spent so much time building the feud for Psycho and Adonis that it would be a letdown not to have the pay-off. However, LA Park versus Rush is the money match. That is the mask versus hair contest that fans want to finally see.

The AAA Triplemania XXXI: Monterrey replay is available for streaming through Fite TV as a single show (here) or part of the Triplemania bundle (here) with the Tijuana and Mexico City chapters later in the year.

What’s your take on the Guerra de Rivalidades semifinal contests?

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