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AAA Triplemania XXXI Monterrey results: Vikingo defends against AEW & Impact, Argenis loses mask, more

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AAA Triplemania XXXI: Monterrey took place April 16. Let’s break down the results.

AAA Mega Championship: Hijo del Vikingo retained against Komander, Swerve Strickland, and Rich Swann. Swerve and Swann were coming over from AEW and Impact, respectively. It was a four-way free-for-all. Vikingo had the move of the match, in my opinion, with this nifty springboard corkscrew twist into a reverse rana.

Down the stretch, Vikingo landed a 630 senton onto the pile below outside. Vikingo followed for a springboard phoenix splash on Swann and a Mexican Destroyer to Swerve on the apron. The former Impact world champ got in the groove for a handspring cutter and phoenix splash to Komander, but the luchador kicked out. The action erupted into superkicks all around. Swerve and Swann lifted the luchadores for powerbombs, however, Vikingo and Komander countered into double reverse ranas and continued with double suicide dives. That effectively eliminated Swerve and Swann for the rest of the bout.

Vikingo and Komander threw rugged blows back and forth. Komander gained an edge for a rope-walking shooting star press. On the cover, Vikingo rolled through to lift Komander for a running DVD into the corner. A running double knees set up the 630 senton for victory. Vikingo remains AAA mega champion.

Argenis lost his mask. There was a mask versus mask contest on the card. It began as a cage match to determine the official participants. Laredo Kid, Antifaz, Octagon Jr., Villano III Jr., Aerostar, La Parka Negra, Abismo Negro, and Taurus all made it out leaving Myzteziz and Argenis as the final two. In Antifaz’s case, he never actually entered the cage. He brawled with Laredo before the bout. Laredo climbed the truss structure to leap for an elbow drop crashing onto a chair on top of Antifaz’s leg.

Other cool cage match moves were Octagon Jr. with a flying crossbody off the top of the cage...

And Myzteziz with a shooting star press off the top of the cage.

Myzteziz wrestled Argenis later in the evening. The backstory revolves around Mistico (aka original Sin Cara). When the man under the Mistico mask exited WWE, he returned to Mexico to wrestle in AAA under the Myzteziz mask. Time went on, and he went back to work in CMLL. Argenis is Mistico’s brother, and he took exception to someone outside their family using that character.

Myzteziz was seconded by Sexy Star and Dulce Canela. Argenis had La Hierdra and Flammer as his backup. Myzteziz rubbed salt in the wound by using Mistico’s La Mistica armbar finisher on Argenis. Las Toxicas broke up the submission. Sexy Star and Dulce Canela took them out with dives to the outside. Argenis angled for a super hurricanrana through a makeshift table, but Myzteziz countered for a powerbomb through the wood. Myzteziz finished with a tucking shooting star press for victory.

Per stipulations of mask versus mask, Argenis was forced to show his face. He didn’t exactly respond with sportsmanship. Argenis attacked Myzteziz before removing his own mask. Argenis’ real name is Mirzha Adan Uribe from Tepito, Mexico City with 21 years experience in the ring.

Guerra de Rivalidades semifinals. Blue Demon Jr. & DMT Azul defeated Rush & LA Park on one side of the bracket. LA Park hit Rush in the groin, then he pulled Blue Demon Jr. on top for the pin. Pentagon Jr. & Alberto del Rio defeated Psycho Clown & Sam Adonis on the other side of the bracket. Adonis hit Psycho with a flag pole. Psycho fought back. Penta and Alberto took advantage for a Mexican Destroyer on Psycho and an armbar on Adonis to win. (Full details here.)

The tournament final will be Rush & LA Park versus Psycho Clown & Sam Adonis at Triplemania XXXI: Tijuana on July 15. The losers advance to mask versus hair at Triplemania XXXI: Mexico City on August 12.

Copa Triplemania won by Toscano. The format was a team fight. Team Chilango was represented by Negro Casas, Dave The Clown, Latigo, Arez, and Niño Hamburguesa as luchadores from Mexico City. Team Regio was represented by Toscano, El Zorro, Baby Extreme, Flammer, and Hijo de LA Park as luchadores from Monterrey. Eliminations were pinfall, submission, and over-the-top. The finish came down to Toscano and Negra Casas. Nicho El Millonario (aka Psicosis) ran in to sneak attack Casas. That allowed Toscano to score the winning roll-up. Nicho had personal beef with Casas. He wants to humiliate the legend and send him packing from AAA.

Vampiro defeated Chessman. This was supposed to be the celebrity match with Adrian Marcelo, but that was never made official. Vampiro arrived as the surprise opponent. La Hiedra was the second for Chessman, and Mr. Iguana was in support of Vampiro. Chessman was physical throughout with foreign objects, such as cookie sheets and trashcan lids. Vampiro rallied for a belly-to-belly superplex. Chessman went back on the attack for a suicide dive to Mr. Iguana through a wooden board. Chessman and Vampiro exchanged stiff fisticuffs. Chessman took out Iguana again with an F5 this time. The rudos had miscommunication. Chessman shoved Hiedra, so she kicked him in the nuggets. Vampiro took advantage to spear Chessman through a wooden board in the corner to win.

Triplemania XXXI: Monterrey was a typical big show style for AAA. Most of the matches were a confusing mess but also made complete sense at the same time. I’d say this was an average show in terms of the Triplemania quality level. The main event delivered on the cool moves quota. The cage match and mask versus mask were fun spectacles. AAA brought the Triplemania pomp and circumstance to make it feel like a major event, which can play a factor in increasing overall enjoyment. The Monterrey show succeeded in building momentum toward the next Triplemania chapter in Tijuana.

The AAA Triplemania XXXI: Monterrey replay is available for streaming through Fite TV as a single show (here) or part of the Triplemania bundle (here) with the Tijuana and Mexico City chapters later in the year.

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