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WrestleMania 39 results: Austin Theory puts down John Cena

As promised, and only after an excruciatingly long two-hour Kickoff show, WWE opened its WrestleMania 39 event tonight (Sat., April 1, 2023) at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, with Austin Theory defending the United States championship against the one and only John Cena.

Considering Cena made all of one appearance on television leading up to this match, and there’s no reason to think he’d be sticking around, was there any thought he would actually win the title?

For Cena’s entrance this year, he was joined on the stage by a group of kids from Make-A-Wish. Pretty cool.

If they’re doing stuff like that, maybe that would mean Cena could actually win?

Cena looked ahead of the game early, but Theory straight up bit his ear and did everything to take the edge for himself. Later, he got out of the STFU by biting Cena again. It was clear he would do anything to win.

They did a spot later with Cena hitting the Five Knuckle Shuffle but when he went for a follow up FU, Theory grabbed the ropes. When pulling him off, they hit the referee, who took a bump.

An STFU got a tap but the ref was down. It was the same finish from NXT Stand & Deliver’s main event earlier today.

Theory got up, hit a low blow on Cena, and then A-Town Down to score the pin and remain champion.

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