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Claudio Castagnoli continues mind games on Eddie Kingston’s quest to win ROH world title

Eddie Kingston created a news storm last week when quitting AEW to arrive in ROH and declare his intention to take the ROH World Championship from Claudio Castagnoli. When pressed for an answer, Claudio dropped the mic, walked away, and proudly held the title belt as a bit of mind games. Claudio continued to rile up the Mad King on this week’s episode of ROH TV on Honor Club.

Kingston was in action against Ben Dejo (pendejo). He made quick work of his opponent with machine gun chops, an exploder suplex, and a spinning backfist for victory.

After the match, Kingston grabbed a microphone to call for Claudio once more. Kingston demanded a title shot. He ordered Claudio to be a fighter for once in his life and do business correctly. Claudio appeared on stage with a simple message. A man without honor will never be Ring of Honor champion. The champ walked out.

Kingston was not happy. He powerwaddled chasing Claudio backstage. Lexy Nair managed to be Johnny-on-the-spot to catch quick comment from both men. When asked what Claudio meant, he sarcastically questioned, “Did I stutter?” Claudio kept walking as Kingston could be heard shouting in the background. Kingston was frustrated that he was denied a chance at the world title.

That verbal exchange was funny. Put me on Team Claudio. ROH is an honorable company. The champ shouldn’t have to put up with loudmouth jerks. Kingston’s sense of entitlement is odd. In the story, nobody asked him to come to ROH. He did it as an independent contractor. And yet he thinks he can call the shots? Pfft, get lost. Claudio will eventually have to battle Kingston, but these are amusing mind games in the meantime.

Does this story have your attention?

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