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NWA debuts giant masked man named Beast Mode

Hide your children. There is a new monster on the loose in professional wrestling.

The NWA debuted a 7’3” giant named Beast Mode on the latest episode of NWA Powerrr. There was no hype. His appearance came as a complete surprise. The show started, and Beast Mode was already in the ring. NWA gave him a tough test right off the bat against former worlds heavyweight champion Trevor Murdoch. Murdoch stands at 6’4” and was clearly dwarfed by the behemoth.

Murdoch had no fear. He threw heavy blows at Beast Mode, but the monster powered through with fury. Beast Mode hit a body slam and pinched a nerve grip on the trapezius. Murdoch rallied with clubbing clotheslines to finally knock the giant down. Murdoch climbed the turnbuckles waiting to fly for a bulldog. Unfortunately, an intruder ruined the match.

Daisy Kill ran in to interfere. The match was thrown out as the bad guys stomped Murdoch. Even though Kill lent a helping hand, it did not appear that Beast Mode welcomed the assistance. When Beast Mode eyed Kill, he bailed from the ring in caution.

So, who is this Beast Mode? I was originally going to joke that the guess for a masked giant is always Luke Gallows when in doubt. However, a little digging points to Puerto Rican basketball player Peter John Ramos. Ramos was drafted by the Washington Wizards in the second round and played six games during the 2004/05 NBA season. He continued his basketball career around the world. Ramos made his wrestling debut in 2020.

Watch the NWA debut of Beast Mode in the opening match of NWA Powerrr.

What’s your take on Beast Mode?

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