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Raven revealed as leader of mystery attackers in MLW

Score one for MLW.

There has been an on-going storyline involving a group of mystery attackers running roughshod backstage. During Tuesday night’s episode of MLW Underground (Mar. 7, 2023), the leader was revealed to be Raven.

MLW Underground

Raven was joined by Rickey Shane Page and Akira in a cool scene. Raven explained:

I’m a martyr for all the people that were left behind. I feel their pain. I’m their savior. I’m their hope. They believe in the cause. And they’re dangerous, very dangerous. They can trust in me. Trust in Raven. (Trust in Raven on repeat.)

Raven’s crew won’t have to wait long for a fight. Mance Warner is game. He is out for payback after they ambushed Microman. Ole Mancer issued a challenge to send any of their members next week for a slobberknocker.

Raven popping up in MLW was a heck of a surprise. I was a slightly concerned that this story was veering a little too close to Contra Unit knock-offs. Not anymore. Raven adds instant legitimacy to the group. Trust in MLW.

Raven previously competed in MLW during 2004 and 2005 to bring his feuds with CM Punk and Vampiro to the major league.

Do you trust in Raven? What was your reaction to seeing the Hall of Famer on screen?

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