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AAA suspends wrestler for slapping reporter

Time for everybody’s favorite wrestling game, Work or Shoot!?!?

This next case is a tough call. Over the weekend, AAA wrestler Chessman slapped television host Adrian Marcelo across the face and neck. Marcelo was reporting from The World is a Vampire music festival, which had a wrestling competition between AAA and NWA. Marcelo inquired if the luchador was on the card. Banter was exchanged. Chessman took offense and struck Marcelo. Marcelo responded by throwing a beer in Chessman’s face. Security stepped in to prevent further violence.

Here is video of the altercation.

AAA conducted an investigation and announced a two-week suspension for Chessman.

Marcelo is currently contemplating his next step, which could be a lawsuit toward Chessman and AAA.

So, work or shoot?

My mind is telling me work, but my body, my body is telling me shoot. The truth is probably somewhere in between. Whatever the case, I don’t see nothing wrong with a little work and shoot.

As with everything in the world of professional wrestling, we have to question incidents like these. First off, the impact from that slap was most definitely real. I’d venture to say the same goes for Marcelo’s expression of pain. On the other hand, the aftermath with security looked hokey as can be. Judging by the slap alone, I would have said shoot. Judging the entire scene as a whole, I’m not so sure.

It should be noted that Marcelo is a bit of a prankster, and this could be a setup for a feature contest at Triplemania XXXI. Not that Marcelo would enter the ring, but he could choose a luchador to represent his honor in the fight with Chessman. AAA has had similar storyline competitions in the past, such as Vampiro versus Konnan as proxies for Joaquin Roldan and Arturo Rivera in hair versus hair at Rey de Reyes in 2009.

Marcelo has a history on television of receiving chops from luchadores. LA Park gave him a stiff one across the chest.

Angel Garza took delight in slamming Marcelo through a table.

Granted, those were controlled situations with Marcelo prepared in anticipation.

Where do you stand on the situation, work or shoot?

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