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Mercedes Moné confirms next New Japan date, teases free agency

Mercedes Moné & Super Jeweler on Instagram

Word on the (dirt) sheets is that Mercedes Moné has two dates left on her deal with New Japan Pro-Wrestling & Stardom, and that those Bushiroad-owned promotions have her opponents picked out for both.

The reigning IWGP Women’s champion was interviewed by TMZ Sports recently, and confirmed one of those dates — Sakura Genesis in Tokyo on Sat., April 8. Moné mentioned the challenge she received from rumored opponent AZM, but didn’t confirm that match-up.

She also teased a possible future bidding war for her services:

“Besides taking it [the IWGP title] on carpets, autograph signings, all over the world, to Paris — I’m gonna see what little promotions I can pop up to. I know next on my plate is April 8 in Tokyo, Japan for Sakura Genesis. I have a girl named AZM calling me out, so I’ve been putting the offer on the table of who is next on the list, I want to see who is ready for Mercedes Moné, because I turn down to nobody. I’m always here for the check, I’m always here for the bag. And whoever has the biggest bag is where I’m going to go.”

The former Sasha Banks’ next, and possibly final, match for Bushiroad is said to be at the big Stardom show planned for April 23 at Yokohama Arena. It’s there she’ll likely face (and perhaps drop the belt to) Mayu Iwatani.

As for other “little promotions” she could pop up in, Impact and Mickie James have openly talked about a Knockout title dream match. Re: “the biggest bag”, Tony Khan just praised Moné at an AEW press conference, and Dr. Britt Baker namedropped the Legit C.E.O. as a wish list opponent. And. of course, bestie Bayley still beleives Mercedes will return to her in WWE.

We’ll see what happens. First up, probably a few more red carpets, then Sakura Genesis!

Watch TMZ’s entire interview with Mercedes Moné here.

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