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Athena outsmarts Yuka Sakazaki to retain ROH women’s title

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Athena has been a wrecking ball as ROH women’s champion. Yuka Sakazaki pushed her to the limit, so the champ employed a sneaky strategy to outsmart the challenger in victory at the ROH Supercard of Honor PPV (March 31, 2023).

Athena smashed Sakazaki early with aggression, as seen on this triple powerbomb train.

Sakazaki found her groove to rally on the outside with a body slam on the floor. Sakazaki continued by ramming Athena into the ring steps and landing a running crossbody off the stage. The challenger had victory in her grasp when connecting on the Magical Girl springboard splash. 1, 2, Athena kicked out. Sakazaki kept the momentum strong for a superplex and a hammerlock airplane spin slam.

Sakazaki aimed to finish with a second springboard splash. That’s when Athena reached into her bag of tricks. She positioned the referee in the path as a shield then sprang up for a flying stunner off the ropes. That move sealed the deal for Athena to retain the ROH Women’s World Championship.

Athena continues her run at the top in ROH, and it doesn’t look like there is anybody bad enough to stop her. Athena has the brains and the brawn to keep the gold for a very long time.

Who do you think can dethrone Athena?

Get the full results of Supercard of Honor here. The PPV is available for viewing through Bleacher Report in the USA and Fite TV for the rest of the world.

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