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Raven leads team into violent War Chamber match in MLW

If there is one thing Raven knows, it is violence. Nothing in MLW is more violent than the War Chamber match, and Raven is leading his team into battle.

Raven has assembled a crew named The Calling to carry out backstage assaults. Rickey Shane Page and Akira are the prime hands of this brutality. The Calling came out of the shadows to attack MLW world heavyweight champion Alexander Hammerstone.

Bold move by The Calling. As expected, Hammerstone was not one to take that lying down. He challenged The Calling to meet in the War Chamber, which is MLW’s version of War Games. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger, and you don’t mess around with Hammer.

Raven accepted the challenge to meet in the War Chamber on April 6 in New York City. War Chamber rules dictate:

What is the WAR CHAMBER?

Locked in a carbon steel chamber with the perimeter of the top fortified with barbed wire, two teams of four will clash in combat that only the War Chamber can contain.

The rules of the War Chamber:

A coin toss determines which team enters first.

1-on-1 for 5:00 in stage 1 of the War Chamber.

The winner of coin toss comes out for 2-on-1.

Alternating teams have wrestlers enter every 2 minutes.

Once all combatants are in the War Chamber, victory is won by submission, surrender or pinfall.

This bout is expected to air on television for MLW Underground on REELZ later in April.

Hammerstone needed teammates, so the Second Gear Crew was eager and willing. Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, and 1 Called Manders were exactly the type of fighters Hammer was looking for.

In regard to Raven’s exact role in War Chamber, that is unclear at this moment. RSP and Akira are in the match as two of the four. The press release teases, “several still to be identified assailants,” of The Calling. While Raven is being promoted as part of the match, that could mean as a full participant, a legend in protected spots, or a manager for surprise members.


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