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LA Park returns to AAA, TV celebrity slaps luchador at Triplemania XXXI press conference

The first stop on the Triplemania XXXI series hits Monterrey on April 16. The card had missing pieces, so AAA remedied that with a press conference. LA Park is returning to team with a bitter rival, and the celebrity angle continued between Adrian Marcelo and Chessman when the TV host slapped the luchador.

The main attraction for this year’s Triplemania events is the Guerra de Rivalidades. Teams of rivals compete in a tournament where the losers advance to a lucha de apuestas with a mask or hair on the line.

Pagano was supposed to team with Rush, but AAA played into an injury angle to explain the absence of Pagano. The hardcore luchador was on the receiving end of the outlawed tombstone piledriver by mysterious invaders on an indie show.

That left Rush in need of a new partner for Guerra de Rivalidades. The people wanted LA Park, so AAA gave them LA Park. The lucha libre legend appeared at the press conference to announce his official participation. Rush & LA Park will team against Blue Demon Jr. & DMT Azul.

This arrangement gives hope that AAA can finally be the promotion to book Rush versus LA Park in hair versus mask. Rush and LA Park have been feuding for years in an effort to set this match up on a grand stage with a big payday. For one reason or another, it has yet to materialize.

The other half of the Guerra de Rivalidades tournament will be Pentagon Jr. & Alberto El Patron versus Psycho Clown & Sam Adonis.

Those two semifinal matches will take place at Triplemania XXXI: Monterrey on April 16. The losers advance to the final at Triplemania XXXI: Tijuana on July 15. The ultimate losers will wrestle in a lucha de apuestas at Triplemania XXXI: Mexico City on August 12.

The other big news coming out of the press conference is the possibility of a match between Adrian Marcelo and Chessman. Marcelo is a TV host and rabble-rouser who was slapped by Chessman at the The World is a Vampire music festival on March 4. Marcelo stated that he is in the process of applying for a luchador license from the Commission of Boxing and Lucha Libre in Monterrey to partake in an official match. He has been training on the side to take this challenge seriously. Chessman brushed it off as a joke. He has 25 years of experience in the ring, and he is not interested in wrestling a rookie with so little training.

Chessman tried to exit rather than participate in a photo opportunity. Chessman and Marcelo exchanged words, and that’s when Marcelo slapped Chessman across the face as payback and perhaps inspiration to accept the match. Security intervened to prevent further violence.

The card for Triplemania XXXI: Monterrey on April 16 currently includes:

  • AAA Mega Championship: TBD vs. TBA
  • Guerra de Rivalidades: Blue Demon Jr. & DMT Azul vs. Rush & LA Park
  • Guerra de Rivalidades: Pentagon Jr. & Alberto El Patron vs. Psycho Clown & Sam Adonis
  • Mask vs. Mask qualifier cage match: Laredo Kid vs. Antifaz vs. Octagon Jr. vs. Villano III Jr. vs. Argenis vs. Myzteziz vs. Aerostar vs. La Parka Negra vs. Abismo Negro Jr. vs. Taurus, final two advance to mask vs. mask match
  • Mask vs. Mask final: TBD vs. TBD
  • Copa Triplemania: Team Chilango (Negro Casas, Dave The Clown, Latigo, Arez, & Lady Shani) vs. Team Regio (Toscano, El Zorro, Baby Extreme, Flammer, & one more)

In regard to the world title match, Hijo del Vikingo has a defense against Komander at ROH Supercard of Honor on March 31. The winner will defend the belt at Triplemania XXXI in Monterrey. It sounded like there is a chance the opponent will come from AEW.

Share your thoughts on the card for Triplemania XXXI: Monterrey.

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