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MLW Underground recap: NZO knocked out by Microman

NZO got knocked out again. Last month, it was a stiff jab from Mance Warner. This time, it was by the wily wonder known as Microman. NZO had his loud mouth shut on the latest episode of MLW Underground on REELZ (Mar. 28, 2023).

MLW Underground

Mance Warner shared advice for Microman in the fight against NZO. Ole Mancer presented a kendo stick and a cold beer in the land of extreme at ECW Arena. NZO entered for the contest peacocking on stage with an overabundance of confidence. The Certified G talked trash about Microman’s height. He called the luchador a toilet climber. NZO mockingly stated that he will take Microman to the heights of Mount Zo and hold him up like Simba in The Lion King.

Ring the bell! NZO fired off a dropkick when Microman wasn’t looking.

Real1 intimidated Mister Saint Laurent to take his chair and place it in the corner between the turnbuckles. NZO lived up to his word by picking up Microman, raising him high in the air, and singing a Lion King song. Microman kicked his little legs in a flurry to break free. He ducked a dropkick then tripped NZO to crash into the chair. NZO was out cold.

Warner passed over the kendo stick. Microman cracked a shot for good measure. The World’s Greatest Wonder stood on NZO’s chest for the three-count. Microman, MSL, and Ole Mancer celebrated with cold beers.

MLW did a stretcher job to carry out NZO. Warner stepped in for a photo opportunity.

MLW Underground

In the main event, Alex Kane defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr. The Suplex Assassin gained control of the grudge match with a variety of suplexes. Davey Boy powered up to rally for a back and forth exchange of German suplexes. Both men hit three apiece.

Smith’s energy was rising, while Kane was fading. Smith went on a run for a scoop power slam, neckbreaker, and flying leg drop. Kane came back with another suplex. Kane climbed the corner, but Smith kipped up to snatch him off the turnbuckles for a proper Bulldog powerslam. Smith aimed to add insult to injury with the Sharpshooter. Before he could lock in the submission, Mr. Thomas was on the apron as a distraction. Kane grabbed a squirt bottle of mystery liquid and blinded Davey Boy. Kane pinned Smith on a capture suplex to steal the win.

The War Chamber bout takes place April 6 in New York City, to be aired on MLW Underground in three weeks time. Signs pointed to Alexander Hammerstone versus The Calling led by Raven. This week’s stories shored up that scenario.

Hammerstone was not in a pleasant mood after last week’s attack by The Calling. It should have been the proudest moment of his career to retain the MLW World Heavyweight Championship in a hard-fought battle against Jacob Fatu, however, The Calling rained on that parade. Hammer is the wrong man to attack. It only makes him want to fight more, so he proposed the War Chamber match. There will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Commentary relayed that Raven accepted the challenge. The Calling made a statement of violence during the show. Akira wrestled Mike Law in an easy squash to win via inverted facelock suplex. The notable moment was Akira using a sickle to fish hook the cheek of his opponent. Later backstage, The Calling beat up EJ Nduka as another demonstration of force.

Hammerstone needed a team. Good thing for him that he stumbled upon the Second Gear Crew sipping cold beers. Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, and 1 Called Manders stated their case to be considered. Hammer liked what he heard from the psychos, so his team was set. Hammerstone will be joined by the Second Gear Crew to fight The Calling in the War Chamber.

Manders starts the fun early with a hardcore match against Rickey Shane Page next week on MLW Underground. The cowboy received the vignette treatment to hype his appearance. He has grit, is too stubborn to quit, and has a free spirit running through his veins. Manders loves to drink beer, chew tobacco, and fight.

Last but not least, Taya Valkyrie and John Hennigan produced a dramatic plea to the people to help find the kidnapped Cesar Duran (alias Dario Cueto). Even though Taya was deeply concerned about their missing leader, this clip is dripping with pomposity.

MLW Underground delivered another winner in their style of entertainment. Action, humor, and the ridiculously absurd. That is a satisfying formula. The NZO knockout was hilarious. They built the moment up well by having NZO run his mouth with disrespect for Microman. The main event was a strong battle of technicians. Suplexes were aplenty from Alex Kane and Davey Boy Smith Jr. Cherry on the top was Taya Valkyrie’s request for assistance in the recovery of the beloved Cesar Duran. That was replay value for chuckles on demand.

I love a good team mission movie, like The Dirty Dozen or Ocean’s Eleven. Alexander Hammerstone’s War Chamber story delivered the recruitment part in a simplified version. It was helpful that the Second Gear Crew were all together drinking beer to fill the team in one step. I hope MLW can squeeze in a training montage. The Calling has been developed well over the past weeks to make them believable as violent maniacs. This whole story has me sufficiently pumped with anticipation for the showdown in War Chamber.

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MLW Underground airs Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on REELZ.

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