The United States Championship Needs a Purpose

For the most part, I'm more satisfied with the WWE title situation than I have been in about a decade. I am thrilled the Bloodline story resulted in the unification of the World Championships and the Tag Team Championships and I wish they would remain unified. Gunther is the best Intercontinental Champion in ages. His reign reminds me of the days of "Macho Man" Randy Savage and "Ravishing" Rick Rude, when most wrestlers who held that title could easily be in the main event. I am looking forward to both Women's Championship matches at Wrestlemania. The women's roster is as strong as it has ever been (but I would still love to see that title unified as well). Even the beleaguered Women's Tag Team Championship has me slightly optimistic. The champions are in a big match at Wrestlemania and Ronda Rousey's involvement might actually bring some attention to the division.

One championship is missing from my list. Generally I am not a fan of part-time legends taking spots on the Wrestlemania card. It has been this way for a long time and I've learned to accept it, but usually I would prefer spots go to wrestlers who have worked hard week after week the rest of the year. This year the United States Championship match between Austin Theory and John Cena is an exception for me. Why? Because in my opinion John Cena's reign as U.S. Champion is the only memorable one that championship has had in the modern era. Cena's weekly open challenges gave the championship a meaning it has generally lacked for the rest of the time it has existed in WWE. He is the only challenger who can make me care about the title at this Wrestlemania.

In my opinion, Cena's reign represents what that championship should be. It should be the workhorse title, the one defended just about every week with the best wrestlers. It should be the WWE's version of the X Division or TV Championship. While the Intercontinental Championship serves as a stepping stone to the top of the card, the U.S. Championship could be for all of those wrestlers who put on banger after banger but will likely never be in the main event in main roster WWE.

It isn't hard to quickly assemble a list of talent for this division. In addition to current champion Austin Theory, Cedric Alexander, Chad Gable, Johnny Gargano, Mustafa Ali, Madcap Moss, Ricochet, and Xavier Woods come to mind immediately. NXT has plenty of potential additions, such as Apollo Crews, Axiom, Dijak, JD McDonagh, and Tyler Bate. This could also be a spot for one-time guests to show up in WWE as they used to in NXT 1.0.

The U.S Championship as it is now doesn't seem to represent anything. To me the best answer is to make it the championship for the type of talent who so often seem to get lost in the shuffle on the WWE main roster.

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