LM/WS Season 3 Championship

We have reached the end of season 3 of LM/WS. I want to thank everyone who has participated. Season 3 was a lot of fun with some great events and now is time to crown the season 3 champion. Hope to see everyone back for season 4. The top 5 finishers from each event will be featured along with the top 9 from the Wildcard event and any wrestlers who finished in more then one top 10. Winners of each event will start at 12 points each wrestler who finished in more the one top 5 will be given 6 extra points.

  • Please read all Rules
  • All Wrestlers start at 6 points, when they reach or drop below 0 the are eliminated.
  • Each post you can add 3 points to one Wrestler and minus 3 points from one Wrestler.
  • You must wait until 3 people have posted before you may post again.
  • Each player will be limited to 5 post a day and the daily limit will reset at 12 Am EST/ 9 PM PST
  • You must date every post and list what number post it is for that day. EX 10/25 1 of 5
  • Battle Royal will take place for the top 40 and 20. Battle royals will take place outside of normal score
  • Rules for Battle Royals
  • All Battle Royals will last for 12 hours. If after 12 hours there has been less then 10 post then another 12 hours will be added
  • At the start of the battle royal all Wrestlers will start with 0 points
  • You will have 3 points to split up between the Wrestlers each time you post.
  • You will not minus points in the battle royal. You still must wait for three people to post before you re-post.
  • The Wrestler with the highest score at the end of the battle royal will have 6 points added to their existing score.
  • If their is 2 Wrestlers with the highest score the will both have 3 points added to their there score
  • If their is more then 2 Wrestlers with the highest score no points will be added
  • Eliminations
  • At least 2 Wrestlers will always be eliminated at the end of the Battle Royal
  • At the end of the battle all Wrestlers with a 0 score will be eliminated.
  • If there is one Wrestler with a 0 score they will be eliminated and then the Wrestler with the next lowest score will also be eliminated.
  • If there are no Wrestlers with a 0 score the two Wrestlers with the lowest score will be eliminated.
  • We will then return to the pre-Battle Royal scores
  • If there is a tie between Wrestler with a score higher then 0
  • All the tied wrestlers will enter a two hour Tie-breaker round
  • The Tie-breaker round will have the same rules as the battle royal
  • At the end of the Tie-breaker round all wrestlers with the lowest score will be eliminated.


Kevin Steen(Kevin Owens) -12
Nigel McGuinness -6
Claudio Castagnoli(Ceasro) -6
Bryan Danielson -6
Cody Rhodes -6
Edge -18
Christian -12
Bret Hart -12
Jim Neidhart -6
Arn Anderson -18
Tully Blanchard -6
Booker T -12
Goldust -6
Jon Moxley -6
Seth Rollins -6
Roman Reigns -6
Bray Wyatt -12
The Undertaker -6
The Hurricane -6
Mighty Molly -6
The Demon Finn Balor -6
Mickie James -18
Beth Phoenix -6
Cheerleader Melissa -6
Awesome Kong -12
Jacqueline -6
Davey Boy Smith -12
The Dynamite Kid -12
Randy Orton -6
Ruby Riot -6
Liv Morgan -6
Sarah Logan -6
Ashley Vox -6
Delmi Exo -6
Sheamus -6
Ridge Holland -6
Butch(Pete Dunne) -6
Ron Simmons(Faarooq) -6
Christopher Daniels -6
Barry Windham -6
Diamond Dallas Page -6
Chris Jericho -6
Curt Hennig - 12
Rick Rude - 6
Jushin Liger -6
Terry Funk -6
Gail Kim -12
Deonna Purrazzo 6
Tessa Blanchard -6
Andre The Giant -6
Sting -6
Samoa Joe -6
Adam Cole - 6
AJ Styles -12
Daffney - 6
Shawn Michaels - 6
Lord Steven Regal - 6
Bobby Eaton - 6
Paul Orndorff - 6
Scott Hall - 6

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