Historically Significant Disasters of Wrestling #99 The TNT Title Reigns of Sammy Guevara Part 2

It's a Re-Booking Appreciation Society, folks!!!

Ok, so this is an interesting one. Essentially I have 3 options:

  1. Book Sammy as a massively over face and get him to that next level in opposition of everything that AEW have done with him after OR
  2. Line up Sammy against Wardlow to be the cocky prick that Wardlow can powerbomb into the ground for the TNT title OR
  3. Book Sammy in a way that his time as TNT Champion is more interesting, but also allows him to slot into the JAS with a more interesting character that could percolate down the line.

So believe it or not, I'm actually going with 3 (if you want to see me book #1 or #2, drop a line in the comments and who knows?). The reason for this is that despite everything that happens with the Sammy reign, I think that there is a definite way where his TNT title is both more memorable and accomplishes something for him, whilst still speaking to his time with both the Inner Circle and the JAS. If he loses it to Wardlow...where does he go from there?

So, we start off straight after the 29th of September on the next Dynamite where the Inner Circle come out and celebrate with Sammy. Everyone speaks, with Jericho going last. Chris essentially says that if he had one regret during his 30 years in the wrestling business it's that he was so worried about where he sat on the card that he never really thought about what he could do to help those coming through. And then he formed the Inner Circle and realized that he had walked into an opportunity to do something for the future of the business. And in Sammy he sees the future of AEW and he will do everything in his power to help him on the way. At the end of the segment we get the Inner Circle hoisting Sammy on their shoulders.

Now if you are getting huge Evolution turning on Randy Orton shoulders...good- cause we want the viewer to feel that Jericho is a walking Sword of Damocles over Sammy's reign. The first match Sammy has the next Scorpio Sky, because it gives Sky an impetus to actually join the Men of the Year when Dan Lambert consoles Sky the next week after Guevara beats him.

Now, every time that Sammy is wrestling in a TNT title match, we have Jericho on commentary, so as to put him over as the future of the business (essentially doing what Regal did for the BCC). This also allows us to move towards Sammy's next feud with Dax Harwood attempting to win the TNT title, only for Cash's shenanigans being thwarted by Jericho, which moves both into a match at Full Gear: Le Sex Gods vs FTR, which FTR win because Sammy checks on Jericho, who has been wiped out by dirty tactics and gets hit by the Shatter Machine. Commentary can put this over as FTR as the proper tag team knowing how to take care of business.

Guevara continues his TNT run with Jericho on commentary, but the dynamic has slightly changed, with Jericho being more critical...emphasizing the fact that as the champion you have to retain your focus, saying that Guevara can't "take his eyes off the prize like he did in our tag match". Segments backstage are shown with Jericho berating Guevara for "going for that splash and almost throwing the title away", with Guevara listening...for now. This is helped by the fact that Sammy does do stupid shit often during his matches to his own detriment, and the idea of Jericho having to knock the cocky upstart down a peg or two makes sense. This all sets us up for the next big feud at Holiday Bash:


Cody essentially cuts a promo where he says that the TNT title needs to be around the waist of a guy whose mentor has faith in him in a not entirely heel promo. He also says to keep Jericho out of the ring, he has asked Tony to make it a Cage Match. The match at Holiday Bash goes back and forth, with Cody seeming to have it won. He goes for a moonsault however tweaks his knee on the landing, allowing Sammy to roll him up. Cody then wants a rematch at Battle of the Belts, but Jericho declines on behalf of Sammy. This of course irks Sammy who demands Jericho look him in the face and say truthfully whether he can beat Cody. Jericho umms and ahhs for a little bit, before saying that Sammy got really lucky last week in the cage, and that Sammy is not on Cody's level yet. Sammy therefore gives Cody his rematch- in the 5-star Ladder match that we'll move from Beach Break to Battle of the Belts (we'll assume Cody avoids COVID). Sammy of course wins, but Jericho (turning into Jim Cornette) essentially says that he won in a spotfest that was won on a coin flip.

This, btw is around the same time we introduce Tay into Guevara's orbit, not to do indulgent skits, but rather to be someone who Sammy confides in about Jericho- shrugging his shoulders at her as Jericho critiques his matches. This culminates in a confrontation between Guevara and Jericho in early February where Sammy essentially says that he has jumped through every hoop and yet Jericho continues to dismiss his achievements; Jericho on the other hand points out that he has has 30 years of experience and he has experienced how quickly you can go from "Undisputed" to "an also-ran", but he understands that he probably has been too harsh. Sammy is too angry by now though and gives Jericho an ultimatum- a match for the TNT title next week between the two of them. If Jericho wins, he can be the first person who wins the AEW and TNT title and if Guevara wins Jericho leaves Sammy the f**k alone. Jericho tries to see if there's another way before Sammy slaps him across the face. Jericho sadly nods and the match is set.

The next week the two of them close the show and it looks like Jericho is on top, almost winning with a Liontamer but Sammy gets to the rope. Sammy then low bridges him, sending Chris tumbling to the floor. Sammy then seems to tweak his knee running the ropes for a dive and collapses in the corner. Jericho gets back into the ring and sees the ref checking on Sammy and walks over in some concern. The ref looks out of the ring to the timekeeper signaling a possible injury...and Sammy whacks Jericho in the plums before rolling him up for the 3! Tay celebrates on the ramp with Guevara, holding the TNT title aloft while kissing as Jericho looks on in the ring with a wry smile.

This leads Jericho and Kingston to clash at Revolution, as Kingston then begins to say to Santana and Ortiz that Jericho is a spent force, while Guevara finds that people are still not taking him seriously- seeing him as a sexed-up punk who tugged on Jericho's heart strings before ripping out Jericho's heart completely. Guevara decides to swing for the fences at Revolution- demanding Tony set up a 4-Way: Guevara vs Scorpio Sky vs Dustin Rhodes vs Darby Allin.

Revolution comes around and Jericho/Kingston happens exactly the same, with the TNT title match happening later in the night. The 4-Way is a hectic back and forth match, with at one point Darby smacking around Sky on the outside when Sting is dragged out unconscious by America's Top Team, who then powerbomb the Stinger through a table. Darby, distracted, lets go of Sky and then races back to the top of the ramp to check on Sting while the America's Top Team exit. At the same time Guevara uses the distraction to hit Dustin in the plumbs again and lift him up for the GTH, which he hits, only to be thrown out of the ring by Sky who then pins Dustin Rhodes to win the TNT championship! America's Top Team then come down to celebrate with Scorpio Sky, hoisting him up on their shoulders.

This leads to the formation of the Jericho Appreciation Society on March 9th, while Sammy later on the show tells that he's taking his gal on a holiday and not even mentioning the whole TNT title (this will hopefully help reinforce the whole 'spoiled brat' trope). And thanks to Scorpio being the champ, we now have a faction that a certain hoss can run through once he's done with MJF.

In any case, in three weeks time or so we get Mox, Bryan and Yuta in the ring against Jericho, Hager and Garcia with the BCC getting the upper hand...only for Regal to begin getting to the ring...only for Tay to come out of the crowd and pull him off the apron and Sammy to smack him across the back with a chair (I'm assuming this will be ok?). The distraction is enough to Sammy and the rest of the JAS to swarm the BCC and beat the piss out of them.

So this brings us to the next week (March 30) where Sammy and Tay are brought out with the JAS- paralleling the TNT celebration that they did 6 months before. Guevara says that while he and Tay were sunning themselves in Belize, he realized that he was never happier that when he was at his mentor's side and so he is proud to be Jericho's no. 2 again. He embraces Tay, then hands the mic to Jericho again, who pauses before saying...

"No 2?"

Jericho continues, saying that he knows that Sammy was his no. 2 in the Inner Circle...but this is a new group and it has new blood He indicates Daniel Garcia and says that the Jericho Appreciation Society is a true meritocracy (*pause for laughter here*) and everyone should have the chance to be Jericho's Chief Lieutenant in Sports Entertainment. He therefore has requested a match for Rampage- Guevara vs Garcia for the right to be Jericho's Chief Appreciator.

The match happens on Rampage with Jericho on commentary. Guevara essentially 'sports entertains' the crowd- taunting them and rolling out the ring to embrace Tay, every now and then. Jericho at first says it's great to see Sammy out in full flight, but soon he begins getting a bit more irritated at his antics, while Garcia seems intent on getting the match done, despite the occasional interference from Tay. Eventually, after another distraction from Tay, Guevara double legs Garcia, points to Jericho and then Tay and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Tay stands by Jericho at ringside as they both stand up in excitement. However, Garcia begins to crawl to the ropes, and Guevara tries to move with him, but over shoots and allows Garcia to counter into the Dragontamer, wrenching it back. Tay begins to try and get onto the apron but is held back by Jericho, who puts her arm in front of her, allowing Garcia to tap Guevara out.

The JAS all get in the ring, and Garcia gets his hand raised by Jericho, while Sammy rolls out of the ring and is tended to by Tay. Jericho hands Garcia a gaudy military style hat- and names him the Chief Lieutenant of Sports Entertainment. Sammy demands a mic and says that if Jericho doesn't appreciate him, he'll be his worst damn enemy. Jericho simply smiles and tells Guevara that three of the most dangerous workers in the Blackpool Combat Club are waiting to get him alone and leaving him in a mass of ligaments, blood and bone. So he can pout and leave the only group that actually would stop these rabid dogs leaving him as a damn near corpse, or he can actually recognize that if he wants a career in this business- to put food on the table for him and his lovely squeeze- he has no choice. Sammy looks at Tay and then slowly rolls into the ring and raises Garcia's other hand.

So the next couple of months sees Guevara becoming more and more...nihilistic, essentially doing massive flips and either helping JAS spectacularly or crashing and burning. Commentary will put over the fact that it's sad that a worker with such talent as Guevara has got himself in a situation where he clearly doesn't care about winning or losing any more. When this works and he wipes out himself and his opponents Jericho is pleased. When it doesn't, Jericho gets angry and overtly questions why Guevara can't be more like Garcia- possibly banishing to Dark to work nothing matches for a couple of weeks. This will keep going until Guevara gets a pep talk from someone (maybe Page?) who points out that Jericho is using his self-loathing to keep him in his place and to love wrestling again, he has to give himself a break. This can be emphasized in a Trios match where Sammy has to do the lion's share of the work for the JAS because Garcia and Jericho are gun-shy about getting hurt before losing their ROH titles/title shots, and while Sammy loses, he puts up a helluva fight.

And that's essentially it! A redemption story that will eventually see Sammy line up against Jericho again and beat him clean. Oh, and through this, we can dispense of the Garcia/Danielson 'will he won't he' story that didn't really go anywhere, and maybe even make the Kingston feud more concise.

Now, we're moving up to the 100th episode of these wild and wooly tales, so I want to take calls from you to hear what clusterf**k, what omnishambles you would like me to chronicle for the occasion?

Please let me know and thanks again!

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