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NZO is one step away from being a world champion

Imagine a world where NZO is a world champion in professional wrestling. How you doin’?

Real1 is one step away from achieving that honor. Granted, it is a huge step. It will be no small feat climbing Muscle Mountain. NZO has been booked to wrestle Alexander Hammerstone for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship at the Battle Riot event on April 8 in Philadelphia.

Apparently, NZO used his gift of gab to talk his way into the title shot. The news release states:

Emerging as a top ranked competitor, with controversial clashes with Jacob Fatu and a recent high-profile win over Mance Warner, Real1 was the finalist in last year’s Battle RIOT, a match he continues to protest and claim he won.

Exhausting league officials politicking for a title fight, matchmakers have finally acquiesced.

NZO first has business to handle against the mightiest wrestler in MLW. I’m talking about Microman. The mini wonder measures in at 3 feet in height with a weight of 57 pounds. That bout will air Tuesday night (Mar. 28) for MLW Underground on REELZ.


Compare Microman to Hammerstone standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall tipping the scales at 251 pounds. Hammer might have added more muscle in the time it took to write this sentence.

Does NZO versus Alexander Hammerstone for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship have your interest?

While you mull it over, enjoy NZO’s latest track in the rap game.

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