Comparing Young Wrestlers to Young Actors (Except Sting becuase he rules)

About 7 months ago, I made a post comparing stranger things characters to wrestlers, and in the time since, I came up with another idea: comparing young wrestlers (the oldest is 31 here) to young actors, except I added Sting because Sting rules and who doesn’t love Sting? I made the comparisons based on a few factors, look not being one with a couple exceptions. I based it off talent, personality, style, and what I see in them personally. This idea came from a conversation on a discord server with a bunch of my twitter friends where the first one here I made, so it snowballed from there. Without further interruption, here they come.

1. Rhea Ripley- Jenna Ortega.

This was the one I made on that discord server, I said it as a bit of a joke given both are frightengly talented for their age and are huge with lesbian TikTok. But it actually fits pretty well. As expressed previously, both are terrifying talented for their age, Rhea is only 26 and Ortega is not even 21 yet, both portray characters of extreme confidence while being socially anxious in reality, both are beloved by horror fans and lesbians in equal measure (seriously, Lesbian TikTok loves Rhea, it’s hilarious), and both of them are going to be massive stars for years. I firmly believe Rhea will be a gigantic star in the media outside WWE for the fact that she’s basically an Amazon and extremely entertaining. This started my idea, which spiraled from there.

2. MJF- Jack Quaid.

This one is mainly due to facial similarities and the characters they play: both play rat bastards. Quaid is great in villain roles (spoiler ahead but Quaid in Scream 5 is amazing as genuinely the worst Ghostface) and MJF’s whole schtick is being the worst human alive. Quaid is also a guy that there’s huge expectations on, he’s the son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan, two people who are acting royalty, MJF has been seen as a next big thing since he was 22 basically, and both deal with those expectations different from normal, Quaid taking parts that are more villainous or morally gray, MJF embracing it and being a rat bastard for it. I also think personally both are better as parts of a whole rather than the guy, as Quaid’s best work is in an ensemble like Scream or The Boys, and MJF’s best stuff is bouncing off someone who can dish it well.

3. Liv Morgan- Sadie Sink.

Full disclosure: I thought I’d compared Liv to Max in that Stranger Things post, but I actually didn’t. This one is mainly on expectations and growth. Both never really had expectations on them at first, Liv’s debut was as a member of a stable, and Max was originally just supposed to be the piece to a love triangle between her, Dustin, and Lucas, but during 2’s production, became way more. Morgan’s rise has been similar, it took her some time, but now she’s a big popular singles star, Sink’s rise was similar. She didn’t really break out until 2021 with Fear Street Part 2: 1978 and further broke in 2022 with Season 4 of Stranger Things and The Whale, of which she did get votes at both SAG and the Academy Awards, although was not nominated for either. Liv spent years toiling and growing her popularity before exploding in the last year after her feud with Becky Lynch and winning the women’s title. Now, the sky is the limit for both given their uniqueness in their industries and natural charisma and likeability.

4. "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry- John David Washington.

Both these names are the sons of legends, Jack being the son of Luke Perry, and John being the son of legit the reason I wanted to act before I quit, Denzel Washington. Both have found ways to rise out of the shadow of their legendary fathers, Jack has become wildly popular, John David has found a way to become his own man. Both also I think are really talented, but for me are missing that something to become truly in a class of their own and I can’t tell you what it is. Even still, both are tremendously talented for their age.

5. Thea Hail- Millie Bobby Brown.

Thea, the youngest person signed to WWE at just 19, fits Millie to a T. Both are very young at 19 and 18, respectively, and both are insanely bubbly as personalities. Both also play extremely interesting characters, with Hail being basically a ball of caffeine energy, Millie playing a whole host of roles, but Eleven being the biggest, a weird role that is nothing like how she is. I think both are examples of raw talents, extremely young, but with a high potential to be bigger than they are.

6. Bron Breakker- Austin Butler.

Talk about a guy with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Breakker was crowned as the guy by NXT in its 2.0 days, much like how Butler is being crowned as one of the next big things after Elvis. Both men come from interesting backgrounds, Bron of course being the son of Rick Steiner, Butler coming from Disney and Nickelodeon before his big break on Broadway with Denzel Washington. Both of them are also what you imagine when you think "star" in their industries. Breakker is a pure physical specimen, Butler a tall, extremely charming person with a slight bad boy streak. The other thing that fits is both have detractors for things beyond them. Breakker has been criticized as wrestling the same match, and of course, there’s the discourse surrounding Austin’s voice. As for me, I love both and see them as major potential stars with the right thing happening.

7. Roxanne Perez- Florence Pugh

Both of these had spent years being crowned the next big thing. Roxanne is literally the prodigy and has been seen as a massive star potentially since she was 16. Pugh had spent years as potentially the next Helen Mirren, classically trained actor with massive crossover appeal waiting to jump across the pond. Both fulfilled their expectations, Pugh being the leader of the new generation of acting talent from England, and Roxanne becoming probably one of the most insanely talented young wrestlers at just 21. Both women have the potential to become all time greats at their craft.

8. Sting- Brendan Fraser

I just did this because I felt like it. Sting and Fraser have major similarities: both were big in the 1990s and 2000s, becoming huge names for years, but both had their dark periods. Sting after his neck injury, and Fraser after his health and personal struggles. But then, the damndest thing happened: both made major comebacks. Sting came back with AEW to be a beloved name again, and Fraser, with Sadie Sink, would star in The Whale, and win best actor this past year for a truly astonishing performance. Both men show you can come back no matter what people say or think and that talent and perseverance rule over all in these industries.

If anyone wants me to, I could do another one of these comparisons since they’re fun to do. Have fun and don’t do anything that could be considered a felony.

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