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Alex Riley explains reason for returning to wrestling in NWA

Kevin Kiley Jr. (aka Alex Riley in WWE) made his return to the ring for his first match in six years when he competed in the NWA against EC3 at the Nuff Said PPV on February 11, 2023. Unfortunately for Kiley, he crashed and burned on a leap to the outside. He didn’t clear the height cleanly, his foot hooked on the top rope, and he collided with the concrete floor. That mistake led to defeat.

NWA Powerrr

On this week’s episode of NWA Powerrr, Kiley explained his reasons for accepting the match. When asked how his experience has been in the NWA, Kiley answered:

Kevin Kiley: In joining the NWA has been an amazing experience for me. I’m extremely grateful to everybody at the NWA for giving me my first televised match in six and a half years.

People were asking me, why would you try to come back now? And the truth is I had to go through some things. I had to see the dark sides of my life. I had never been through anything before. I started as an overprivileged kid. I got an opportunity early in wrestling. Maybe it was too early? People were saying maybe they gave it to you. Did you earn it? Did you not earn it?

I came back to the NWA to earn it. I came back to this business to start from scratch and be myself. I’m Kevin Kiley, and I’m sitting here in gratitude and humility. And I’m very, very, very excited for an opportunity to stay on this path and continue to be myself.

Was I a little rusty? Yes, of course, I was a little rusty out there. And truth be told, EC3 challenged me. He pulled me out of a spot, and he said, “I’m going to try to control your narrative.” The thing that EC3 doesn’t get is that I control my narrative. I control my story. I’m the one who tells my story to the world. Not EC3.

At first, I saw him as a guy that was sitting out there trying to help me, but he’s massively manipulative. I can see that now. And I’m looking for an opportunity through this, through this beautiful company, through the beautiful business of wrestling, to find myself and get back on the path that I was born to be on.

That was an effective promo to build a babyface interest. Kiley is a new man from last we saw him in WWE, and he’s taking us on the ride to earn his spot this time. Redemption stories are easy to root for. Kiley has me on board hoping to see him succeed.

Watch Kiley’s promo for yourself at the 10:20 mark of NWA Powerrr.

What is your reaction to Kevin Kiley’s promo?

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