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Taya Valkyrie gets pummeled by Max The Impaler in NWA women’s TV title tournament

Even though Taya Valkyrie signed with AEW, she still had business in the NWA. Taya was competing in the tournament to crown the inaugural NWA women’s TV champion. Her semifinal matchup was no picnic against Max The Impaler in this week’s episode of NWA Powerrr.

Taya arrived first for the contest. Max took full advantage to attack Taya from behind and ram her into the ring steps and ring post. Max placed Taya seated on a chair and charged forward. Taya rolled out, so Max collided into the chair. Taya flipped the script for the same setup on Max. Taya hit the target on a running crossbody. Max regained control to commence pummeling Taya on the outside. They eventually entered the ring, and the match was officially underway.

Max continued with power strikes. The Warrior of the Wasteland ripped off Taya’s eyelash to eat, but Max didn’t like the taste and spit it out. Taya rallied with a running hip attack in the corner. She pulled off her other eyelash to force into Max’s mouth. Taya followed with double running knees in the corner.

Max stood up and double goozled Taya for a slam. Max tossed her opponent around the ring. La Wera Loca still had more fight in her spirit for an ankle pick takedown and a curb stomp. Max was too much of a monster to be held down. Max landed power shots in the corner leaving Taya slumped on the mat. Max finished the job with a short-arm clothesline for victory.

NWA Powerrr

This match likely marked the end of Taya’s run with the NWA. As for the Warrior of the Wasteland, Max advances to the women’s TV title tournament final against Kenzie Paige at the NWA 312 PPV on April 7 in Chicago.

The NWA 312 card currently includes:

  • NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship: Tyrus (c) vs. Chris Adonis
  • NWA Women’s World Championship: Kamille (c) vs. La Rosa Negra
  • NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Cyon (c) vs. EC3
  • NWA Women’s Television Championship: Kenzie Paige vs. Max The Impaler

Taya versus Max is available for your viewing pleasure in the main event of NWA Powerrr. The show also has a replay of the No DQ title fight between Kamille and Angelina Love from the Nuff Said PPV on February 11.

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