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AAA Lucha Libre World Cup: USA wins with Kamille, Jordynne Grace & Deonna Purrazzo

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AAA hosted the Lucha Libre World Cup from Guadalajara, Mexico on March 19, 2023. Talent was invited from NWA, Impact, AEW, and Oz Academy to fill out the women’s bracket.

The women’s teams for the AAA Lucha Libre World Cup included:

  • Mexico: Flammer, La Hiedra, & Sexy Star
  • USA: Kamille, Deonna Purrazzo, & Jordynne Grace
  • Japan: Emi Sakura, Mayumi Ozaki, & Akino
  • Rest of the World: Taya Valkyrie, Dalys, & Natalia Markova

Lucha libre trios rules in effect. Matches had a ten-minute time limit. In the case of a draw, the contest resumed with five-minute periods of sudden death singles bouts.

AAA Lucha Libre World Cup semifinals

USA and Rest of the World came down to NWA versus NWA. Down the stretch, the ladies hit heavy moves all around. Kamille connected on a jumping leg lariat to Taya. As Kamille taunted the crowd, Markova swooped in for a roll-up. Kamille kicked out then ran the ropes for a spear. USA was victorious.

Mexico and Japan went to overtime. In regulation, Ozaki choked Sexy Star with a chain. The Japanese ladies held their victim in place for Ozaki to spit red mist. Sexy Star dipped low, and Ozaki sprayed Akino in the face. Both teams engaged in furious fisticuffs in the ring as the clock counted down to zero.

Hiedra and Akino were the representatives for sudden death. Akino locked in a submission, and Hiedra was able to reach the ropes with her foot for the break. Hiedra rallied with a big boot. As she ran the ropes, Ozaki hooked her foot. Mexico brawled with Japan on the outside to protect their teammate. Akino had the edge in strikes to knock Hiedra down. Hiedra kipped up with energy to run wild with a powerslam, clotheslines, and a suplex. Akino came back with an exploder suplex. Akino ran the ropes, but Hiedra caught her for a tilt-a-whirl Michinoku driver to earn the win.

AAA Lucha Libre World Cup final

Mexico and USA met for all the marbles in the women’s tournament final. Mexico started strong with tandem suicide dives from Flammer and Sexy Star. Hiedra handled Grace inside the ring. USA came back with dual superplexes from Kamille and Purrazzo. Mexico had a shot at victory when Hiedra executed a Michinoku driver on Kamille. 1, 2, Grace and Purrazzo rushed referee Hijo de Tirantes to stop the three-count. A rugby scrum formed, and Mexico powered through for a triple suplex.

The finish was fuzzy. Grace and Purrazzo pulled Flammer and Sexy Star out of the ring and dumped them over the barricade. USA triple-teamed Hiedra. Kamille hit a spear. Triple stack for the pin. 1, 2, Hijo del Tirantes inexplicably stopped counting. Confusion reigned, but USA remained focused. Kamille hit a second spear, and there was no doubt this time. USA was victorious to win the Lucha Libre World Cup.

For the men’s World Cup tournament, Mexico (Pentagon Jr., Taurus, & Laredo Kid) defeated USA (John Morrison, Sam Adonis, & Christopher Daniels) in the final determined with triple overtime. Get the full details here.

The AAA Lucha Libre World Cup replay is available through Fite TV.

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