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NWA Roundup: Fantastic Bobby Fulton comes out of retirement for a fight, more!

Let’s check in on the National Wrestling Alliance. If you are here to see Bobby Fulton in a fight, drop down to the bottom half of the post. First things first for the chronological stories of the week.

The latest edition of NWA Powerrr featured champions Kerry Morton and Thom Latimer in action and Kenzie Paige getting one step closer to acquiring gold of her own.

Kerry Morton and Mecha Wolf battled in singles combat for the main event. It was a non-title bout, since Mecha Wolf is too heavy for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship weight limit. Ricky Morton was missing due to travel issues. Bestia 666 tried to interfere on behalf of his tag team partner. Bestia slid in the tag title belt, but the referee confiscated the foreign object. Morton took advantage to connect on a running knee. The champ finished with an inverted facelock standing elbow drop. This was the best match of the bunch from Powerrr.

Thom Latimer earned his first defense of the NWA World Television Championship by defeating Rhett Titus. Latimer targeted the tender knee of Titus. The champ hit a spear and went for a crossface submission. Titus held up on defense, so Latimer smashed Titus’ knee into the mat. That opened space for Latimer to crack tight on the crossface for victory. This win counts as #1 toward fulfilling the Lucky 7 rule. After retaining the title seven consecutive times, Latimer can cash in for a worlds title shot.

Kenzie Paige advanced to the women’s TV title tournament final at the NWA 312 PPV on April 7. She bested Ashley D’Amboise in the semifinal matchup. Paige used a full nelson to transition for a cutter to win (Full details).

In other action, Mike Knox and “Space Cowboy” Stacee Alexander hossed it up in a beefy fight. Knox had the hometown support from the fans and finished with a swinging reverse STO.

On the promo tip, Chris Adonis feels ready for his shot at Tyrus and the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship for NWA 312. If he gets the Masterlock submission, game over. Tyrus questioned Adonis’ game plan. Are Adonis’ arms big enough to reach around the champ’s massive shoulders? Tyrus doubted that Adonis has the ability to get the job done.

Trevor Murdoch is on the sideline after suffering pain at the hands of the 7’3” masked man named Beast Mode. Daisy Kill added insult to injury with a post-match attack. When Murdoch comes back, he is coming for Kill.

Thrillbilly Silas Mason was bummed that he isn’t next in line for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship, but it’s just an obstacle to his goal. Silas will make a statement by thumping Brady Pierce next week.

Rolando Freeman blamed Aron Stevens for the idea to challenge Tyrus. Rolando gave a chickenshit excuse that he wasn’t mentally prepared for the moment. Rolando is turning his attention to get even with Stevens.

Former Fantastics tag team champion Bobby Fulton was disrespected by the Fixers. They are bullies and liars, so Fulton took matters into his own hands to demand a match. Fulton survived throat cancer, and he will survive the Fixers. Fulton loves this business with all his heart.

The latest edition of NWA USA featured 62-year-old Bobby Fulton returning to the ring from retirement.

The Fixers claimed ownership of the old US tag title belts, even though, they are not champions anymore. They mocked Fulton as an old man. Wrecking Ball Legursky entered the ring for the non-sanctioned bout. Fulton arrived and slapped Legursky across the face. Before Wrecking Ball had a chance to live up to his nickname, Ricky Morton ran in with a chair. He ushered Fulton out, but Jamie Stanley and Joe Alonzo attacked Morton. The Fulton match was thrown out.

In other action, Blake Troop defeated Jeremiah Plunkett via figure-four variation. Natalia Markova defeated CJ (Christi Jaynes) in a comedy match. The magician’s assistant wore high heels and didn’t seem to understand that she was booked for a fight. Markova landed a spinning high kick for the easy win.

On the promo tip, Aron Stevens heard Rolando Freeman’s threats, so he challenged the playboy to a Tampa Bay Titantic Street Fight. He will wipe the town with Rolando’s turkey face. Father James Mitchell was disappointed in Sal the Pal walking out of his hair versus mask match with Gaagz, but they can mend fences. Mitchell made Sal, and he can destroy Sal. The minister urged Sal to make a wise choice.

Last on the list is EC3 getting philosophical about bleeding his own blood. EC3 also had BLK Jeez confirm that the Over Man is top priority when the time comes to challenge Tyrus for the worlds title.

Share your thoughts on all the happenings from the NWA.

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