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Athena calls out Japanese wrestler for ROH women’s title match at Supercard of Honor PPV

Supercard of Honor is scheduled for March 31, and Athena needs a challenger for the ROH PPV. The ROH women’s champion took matters into her own hands to call out a rival from Japan.

Athena was fresh off a knock-down drag-out fight to retain the ROH Women’s World Championship over Willow Nightingale last week. This week on ROH TV, Athena competed in a Proving Ground match to defeat Hyan. Athena’s rage took over, and she secured victory via crossface submission.

The news came backstage when Lexy Nair interviewed the champ. Well, it was more like Athena interviewing herself when she comically commandeered the microphone. When inquired about what is next, Athena turned her attention to Yuka Sakazaki. Athena accused Yuka of running away and hiding in Japan. Yuka is supposedly injured and yet she is still wrestling matches over there. Athena challenged the Magical Girl to come get an ass whooping at Supercard of Honor in a title fight.

If you’ve been missing out on Elevation and Dark from AEW programming, then this matchup will come as a surprise. In actuality, Athena and Yuka have been pecking at each other for weeks. Check out this backstage skirmish for one example.

AEW never booked Athena versus Yuka, and now we know why. The payoff will be at Supercard of Honor.

Does Athena versus Yuka Sakazaki for the ROH Women’s World Championship have your attention for the Supercard of Honor PPV on March 31?

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