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Sermon on the Mat (Mar. 16, 2023): OTT, GCW, & ESW cards;

Plus free matches from Smash, WR, & Beyond!

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Poster for GCW Eye for an Eye Game Changer Wrestling on Twitter

Welcome back to the Sermon on the Mat, your weekly one-stop shop for news from the wider world of wrestling beyond the big cable TV monoliths that get all the coverage.

Coming soon...

OTT ScrapperMania VII (Mar. 17-18)

—Night One (Mar. 17, 7 pm GMT)—

  1. Danny Cross, LJ Cleary, & Session Moth Martina vs. Lee Hunter, Millie McKenzie, & Omari
  2. Kid Lykos vs. Robbie X
  3. Eddie Kingston vs. Man Like DeReiss
  4. Dan Moloney vs. Davey Richards
  5. Leon Slater & Michael Oku vs. the Draw (Adam Maxted & Charlie Sterling) (c) (OTT Tag Team Championship)
  6. Sammy D (c) vs. Trent Seven (NLW Nationwide Championship)
  7. Big Damo vs. PAC

—Night Two (Mar. 18, 7 pm GMT)—

  1. Iljia Zarkov & Renzo Rose vs. Santino Marella & the Sem
  2. Dan Moloney, Man Like DeReiss, & Trent Seven vs. Kings of the North (Bonesaw, Damian Corvin, & Dunkan Disorderly)
  3. Davey Richards vs. Leon Slater vs. PAC vs. Robbie X
  4. Big Damo vs. Eddie Kingston
  5. Danny Ross (c) vs. LJ Cleary (OTT GN Championship)
  6. Freshnas (Fabio & Martin Steers) vs. the Draw (Adam Maxted & Charlie Sterling) (c) (OTT Tag Team Championship)
  7. Debbie Keitel (c) vs. Session Moth Martina (OTT Women’s Championship)
  8. Omari (c) vs. Sammy D (OTT World Championship)

Ireland’s Over the Top Wrestling are back for this year’s edition of ScrapperMania and it is stacked, y’all!

Check it out on OTT on Demand, folks.

GCW Eye for an Eye / Worst Behavior (Mar. 17, 19)

—Eye for an Eye (Mar. 17, 8 pm ET)—

  1. BUSSY (Allie Katch & EFFY) vs. Mane Event (Jay Lyon & Midas Black) vs. Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Steve Manders) vs. Wasted Youth (Dyln McKay & Marcus Mathers)
  2. Tony Deppen vs. Williw Mack
  3. Grim Reefer vs. Joey Janela (c) (GCW Extreme Championship)
  4. Blake Christian vs. Jack Cartwheel
  5. Homicide vs. Matt Cardona
  6. Bandido vs. Gringo Loco
  7. Jordan Oliver & “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Time Splitters (Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA)
  8. Los Macizos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo) vs. Rina Yamashita & Sawyer Wreck
  9. Masha Slamovich vs. Nick Gage (c) (GCW World Championship)

—Worst Behavior (Mar. 19, 7 pm ET)—

  1. Gringo Loco vs. Jack Cartwheel
  2. Matt Cardona vs. Sexxxy Eddy
  3. LuFisto vs. Rina Yamashita
  4. Masha Slamovich vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey

GCW have a binational double-header separated by a day because they gotta get from New York to Canada for this one, baby! Time Splitters in action, Slamovich challenges Gage, and more!

Check it out live on FITE, folks.

ESW Tough Luck (Mar. 18, 7 pm ET)

  1. Jerk Cockins vs. TJ Epixx
  2. Jeremiah Richter vs. Vinnie Moon
  3. Frank Feathers vs. Vince Valor
  4. Bill Collier vs. Joshua Bishop
  5. Christina Marie vs. Veda Scott
  6. Chael Connors vs. Chase Oliver vs. James Sayga vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Marcus Mathers vs. Mattrick
  7. Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) vs. To Infinity and Beyond (Cheech & Colin Delaney)
  8. Cole Radrick vs. Jay Freddie
  9. High Seas (Cloudy & Nick Ando) (c) vs. Nu Backseatz (JP & Tommy Grayson)
  10. Kevin Bennett (c) vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey (ESW Heavyweight Championship)

Last but not least, Empire State Wrestling are bringing the goods with Speedball challenging for their title, Freddie taking young Radrick on a ride, and more!

Check it out live on IWTV, folks.

Free matches here!

Super Smash Brothers vs. Tabarnak de Team

Starting off hot with a gem from the Smash archives, as the heart of the Dark Order takes on Quebec’s finest in a tables match, check it out!

Allie Katch vs. Billie Starkz

And here’s a sprinty fresh slice of action from the Wrestling REVOLVER, enjoy!

Shazza McKenzie vs. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams

Last but not least, the only decent Overdrive in the business takes on the once and future heart of Catch Point in Beyond, check it out!

As always...

Remember folks, no matter what type of wrestling you like, no matter how down you feel about the state of WWE, AEW, Impact, ROH, or any other “big-time” pro wrestling, there’s something out there for you. There’s a pro wrestling product that can hit you in the right spot and make you love wrestling like you thought you’d never be able to love it again. It’s there, I promise. You just gotta reach out and find it, and that, my friends, is what the Sermon on the Mat is all about.

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