The Nightly: March 14th, 2023

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Well, with Wrestlemania season in full swing, I’ve decided to rank all the Wrestlemania main events to date, and now in this intro, I’ll be explaining why I ranked these matches the way they are. So here we go.

41: Roman/Brock II:

Simply put, this is the worst Wrestlemania main event. From the pointless and overdone bleeding, to Brock winning for some reason, to the crowd turning on this match, it was just a complete disaster.

40: Hogan/Bret vs. Yokozuna:

Hogan politics at its finest.

39: Roman/Brock III:

This match is so forgettable, and it became apparent at this time that these two simply did not have chemistry.

38: Rollins/Roman/Brock:

The Seth cash in is easily the highlight of this match. Structure wise, this match made no sense. If it was someone like Bryan or a smaller opponent like that, it would have worked better. But it was hard to buy Brock dominating someone like Roman. This was during Brock’s stretches of boring and repetitive matches that we’ve thankfully gotten past for the most part.

37: Rock/Cena II:

Speaking of boring, repetitive matches, this is the match that actually inspired me to do this project. Finisher-o-Rama, and it was clear that nobody’s heart was in this match, from the participants, to the company itself.

36: HHH/Roman:

If this match had been cut by ten or so minutes, it probably would have been a perfectly fine main event. But at the end of a particularly dreadful Wrestlemania, this main event was overlong and not what people wanted to see.

35: Miz/Cena:

Such an underwhelming main event. Miz had no heat as the champion, and the whole thing was just a set up for the next Mania main event.

34: Brock/Angle:

Some might say putting this match this low is sacrilege, but I’ve never been a fan of this match. Angle was clearly hurt here, and it really hurts this match. They however would go on to have a much better match later in the year at Summerslam. It also didn’t help that 95% of the card I enjoyed better.

33: Hogan/Sid:

Nobody cared about Sid turning on Hogan, and this is a match that should not have gone on last.

32: Hogan/Slaughter:

The story was fine, but this was your basic as all hell match.

31: Bret vs. Yokozuna:

Decent match, basically what should have happened the year before. But it was unfortunately overshadowed by Razor/HBK in a Ladder match.

30: Sid/Taker:

When the most interesting thing about this match is Sid reportedly crapping himself in this match, you know the main event has gone off the deep end.

29: Bianca/Sasha:

Like Angle/Brock, some may say that this match is ranked too low. It’s a solid match, but there’s other main events I prefer over this.

28: Hogan/Bundy:

Your basic Hogan 80s main event. Nothing too wrong with it, but Hogan had better matches than this.

27: Hogan/T vs. Piper/Orndorff:

Maybe I’m being too generous to this match, but it’s historically important, and is a decent match. It felt like a spectacle, especially with Mr. T as one of the participants and Muhammad Ali as the special guest referee/enforcer.

26: Savage/DiBiase:

Alright main event, and the right guy won, not much more to it than that.

25: Orton/HHH:

This match was disappointing purely due to the build as well as a last minute limiting stipulation. But the match itself is fine. But not quite Main Event Wrestlemania worthy.

24: McIntyre/Brock:

I suppose this match was as good as it could have been in an empty building.

23: Hogan/Warrior:

The match isn’t exactly a May classic, but it didn’t have to be. For what this match lacked in workfare, the storytelling really made up for it, and Hogan doing a clean job for the Ultimate Warrior felt like a new era was beginning at the start of the 90s.

22: Batista/HHH:

An important main event, with Batista being crowned as one of the top guys of the Ruthless Aggression era. There was some solid storytelling here.

21: Roman/Bryan/Edge:

Not much to this match, a solid triple threat.

20: Roman/Taker: Some may be surprised at this match being ranked so high, but I feel this match gets no respect. Is it the greatest match? Hell no. But I enjoyed Jim Ross returning to commentary, the match itself, the story being told as it relates to Undertaker, and while the post match angle did not age well, it was a very emotional moment.

19: Show/HHH/Rock/Foley:

A good enough Mania main event for what it was, but a bit too convoluted with the fatal four way aspect and a McMahon in every corner.

18: LT vs. Bam Bam:

While this match probably should not have main evented, the match is surprisingly good, LT was shown as a more than capable competitor and Bam Bam Bigelow did a great job of guiding LT through the match, and him doing a clean job in the main event to a celebrity is honestly kind of surprising. Not many wrestlers would do that, and I don’t think he gets enough credit in the wrestling world for this match.

17: Bret/Shawn:

I went back and forth on this match. I don’t think it’s all that great, but it’s not too bad either. The pace is fine, and they tell a good story throughout. The last minute or so of this match is what really makes this match worthwhile.

16: Austin/Kevin Owens:

In retrospect, I was too harsh on this match when watching it live last year. While I’m still not a fan of Austin breaking his retirement, this was still a fun brawl and made for a nice Wrestlemania moment in Texas.

15: Becky/Charlotte/Ronda:

Perhaps this match may be too high, but despite its problems, I do still enjoy this match for being historic, Joan Jett’s performance, it being a decent match, and Becky Lynch finally getting her due after years of questionable booking.

14: Jericho/HHH:

Again, some may say this is too high, but like Roman/Taker, I don’t think this match is as bad as people say it is. It tells a good story, Jericho and Triple H have good chemistry. Despite the crowd being burned out after Hoagn/Rock, I’ve always enjoyed this main event. This was a main event that I watched live, and this was during the era where as a kid I became a die hard fan, so this particular match holds a special place in my heart.

13: HHH/Cena:

The crowd was interesting for this match, and it was pretty solid.

12: Bryan/Batista/Orton:

While I’m not a Bryan fan, this match was still a good way to end Wrestlemania.

11: Shawn/Austin:

Some May question why this match is so high compared to Brock/Angle. After all, Shawn was just as badly hurt as Angle. But this is a match I always did like. The match is important, and though Shawn is clearly injured, I don’t think it effected the match too much. Mike Tyson also played his enforcer role well.

10: Rock/Cena:

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting this match to be in the top 10, but for a match that was hyped up for one year, and for Rock’s first match in about 8 years, I think it met the expectations.

9: HBK/Cena:

A really good match, it had a big fight feel to it, and though Cena was always going to win, there were moments where it seemed like maybe HBK would be able to pull it off.

8: Hogan/Andre:

Arguably the most important Wrestlemania match. Like Hogan/Warrior, what this match lacked in workfare, it more than made up for in storytelling. Wrestlemania probably would T be Wrestlemania if it wasn’t for this match.

7: Savage/Hogan:

A good story followed up with a good Wrestlemania main event.

6: Austin/Rock 1:

I think this match often gets overshadowed by their other Mania matches, but I love the Street fight aspect of this match.

5: HBK/Taker:

While I personally prefer their Wrestlemania 25 match, this is still a great match, an emotional match that served as Shawn Michaels’ retirement match.

4: Edge/Taker:

This is a match that I think gets slept on a lot. Both of these guys I think were pillars of WWE in the late 2000s, and they have a great main event.

3: Benoit/HHH/HBK:

While this match doesn’t get talked about enough for obvious reasons, I think this is a great triple threat.

2: Styles/Taker:

A Wrestlemania main event unlike any other. One of Undertaker’s best matches, and the perfect example of how to do a cinematic match right. Even though WWE shows are now back in arenas full time, I do wish they still did proper cinematic matches like this from time to time.

1: Austin/Rock II:

In my opinion, the best Wrestlemania, and the best Wrestlemania main event. A bloody match with two guys just wanting to be the best. And while the finish may have helped hurt wrestling’s popularity, I still think this match is incredible.

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