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NWA Roundup: Kamille, EC3, and WOAD (Weapon of Ass Destruction) in action

Let’s check in on the National Wrestling Alliance.

The latest edition of NWA Powerrr featured women’s champion Kamille in non-title competition, EC3 in action, and the debut of Beast Mode.

Kamille was in the main event against plucky newcomer Ruthie Jay in a non-title bout. Jay look good using athleticism to frustrate the champion, but Kamille’s power game was too strong. Kamille crushed a Finley roll then a spear to stand tall in victory.

Trevor Murdoch competed against a giant named Beast Mode. Murdoch didn’t back down from the 7’3” masked man. Once the former worlds champ finally knocked Beast Mode off his feet, Daisy Kill ran in to interfere. Murdoch was awarded the win via disqualification. It is questionable if Beast Mode and Kill are on the same page as firm allies.

EC3 defeated Dontae Smiley. The underdog had momentum on a German suplex and leaping double stomp, but EC3 rolled out of the ring. Upon reentering, EC3 outsmarted Smiley for a headlock driver through the ropes. EC3 closed with a choke submission.

Sal “The Pal” Rinauro and Gaagz the Gimp competed in hair versus mask. This was a punishment from Father James Mitchell. He was also testing the loyalty of his minions. When Gaagz had victory within his reach, he was hesitant to pin Sal and take his friend’s hair. The action spilled outside. Mitchell slapped Gaagz for being weak. The match ended in a double count-out with no winner, so the stipulation was not enforced.

On the promo tip, Taya Valkyrie versus Max The Impaler is one half of the women’s TV champion tournament semifinals. Taya is not scared to fight monsters. James Mitchell called TV a wasteland, so there is no one better than a warrior of the wasteland to sit on top. Kenzie Paige and Ashley D’Amboise will battle in the other semifinal. Paige believes she has what it takes to carry the NWA on her shoulders. French-Canadian D’Amboise will rip Kenzie apart as a dirty American.

Thom Latimer plans to earn the Lucky 7 rule as TV champion to become heavyweight champion. Madusa was interrupted by Chris Silvio. She was speaking about equality for women in wrestling, but he wants equality in TV time for his clients, Dax Jane and Blake Troop. May Valentine apologized to Blunt Force Trauma for her behavior at the failed wedding ceremony with Aron Stevens. Regarding their issues with La Rebellion, the only way forward is pain and carnage.

The latest episode of NWA USA was a special edition of Surge USA featuring a variety of fresh faces on the scene.

Daisy Kill defeated Rush Freeman in the main event. Rolando Freeman was on the outside to support his younger brother. Rush had the early edge for a powerslam, then he danced in celebration. Kill came back for a spinebuster. He mocked the Spectaculars’ signature dance while executing a neckbreaker. Rush rallied for a belly-to-belly suplex. When Kill sassed Rolando, Rush exploded with anger to pummel Kill with punches. Rush released to consult Rolando, then Kill scored a roll-up to win.

Pretty Empowered 2.0 defeated Jacey Love & Ruthie Jay. After losing the NWA women’s tag titles, Ella Envy and Roxy got back on the winning track with a teamwork Codebreaker.

Chico Adams & Real Drago defeated the Dirty South duo of Brian Brock & Devin Diaz. Drago cleaned house to win via suplex.

Samantha Starr defeated WOAD (Weapon of Ass Destruction). WOAD is, “one-eyed and thick-thighed.” She showcased a few ass moves on offense, but she missed on a running ass smash in the corner. Starr capitalized for a DDT to win.

As for what to watch from this week’s offering from the NWA, nothing important unfolded. Kamille and Ruthie Jay had the best match of the bunch, and there is the curiosity factor in watching Beast Mode and WOAD.

Share your thoughts on all the happenings from the NWA.

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