Cageside Seats NXT Prediction Contest RESULTS: NXT Vengeance Day 2023

Welcome back everyone! NXT was back on the road this past Saturday night, and put on a hell of a show with NXT Vengeance Day 2023. With that said, we have wrapped up another Cageside Seats NXT Prediction Contest. Will FozzyTomatoes make it two in a row, or a will a new champion come for the throne? Let’s find out!

NXT Vengeance Day

Apollo Crews vs. Carmelo Hayes

1 Point – Who wins? Carmelo Hayes

2 Points – Who scores the first fall of the match? Carmelo Hayes

2 Points – Will Apollo Crews’ mystery backup get physically involved in the match? No (Only attacked Trick Williams)

2 Points – Will any fall be decided by a method other than pinfall? Yes (submission)

3 Points – Which fall will have the longest match length? First Fall

NXT North American Championship: Wes Lee (c) vs. Dijak

1 Point – Who wins? Wes Lee

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship: Kaden Carter & Katana Chance (c) vs. Kiana James & Fallon Henley

1 Point – Who wins? Kiana James & Fallon Henley

2 Points – Who scores the winning fall? Fallon Henley

2 Points – Who suffers the deciding fall? Kaden Carter

3 Points – Which two women start the match? Kaden Carter, Kiana James

4 Points – Who tags into the match first? Katana Chance

NXT Tag Team Championship: The New Day (c) vs. Gallus vs. Pretty Deadly vs. Chase University

3 Points – Who wins? Gallus

4 Points – Who scores the winning fall? Mark Coffey

4 Points – Who suffers the deciding fall? Xavier Woods

5 Points – Which two men start the match? Kofi Kingston, Elton Prince

6 Points – Who tags into the match first? Xavier Woods

NXT Women’s Championship: Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Gigi Dolan vs. Jacy Jayne

2 Points – Who wins? Roxanne Perez

3 Points – Who suffers the deciding fall? Jacy Jayne

3 Points – Who attempts the first pin of the match? Roxanne Perez

3 Points – How many times will one member of Toxic Attraction attempt to pin the other? 0 – 3 (2)

NXT Championship: Bron Breakker (c) vs. Grayson Waller

1 Point – Who wins? Bron Breakker

2 Points – Will the match be won by escape? [Throwing out this question]

2 Points – Who will be the first man to attempt to climb the cage? Grayson Waller

3 Points – Will both men perform a move from the top of the cage? No

3 Points – How long will the match last? 0:00 – 22:00 (14:25)

3 Points – How many times will the cage door open after the match starts? 0 – 3 (0)

Wager Question: How many titles will change hands during the show? 2


Possible Points (including bonuses): 86

Average Score: 24.46

Median Score: 26

38 Points – Richie DiMaso

35 Points – FozzyTomatoes, Jeffthemadman

29 Points - Hawkcell

27 Points – DustyVita

26 Points – OneWingedAngel, G D B *Masterful*, thelumpur

22 Points – Mackaymackay, bradkerlin

20 Points – Bull74251

19 Points – DrFunk1987

18 Points – king987

13 Points – The Beast Incarnate

11 Points – Supersonic Pain

Congratulations to the NEW CAGESIDE SEATS NXT PREDICTION CONTEST CHAMPION, Richie DiMaso!!! This marks their first victory in competition history!

Thank you all again for competing. I will see you all back here for the season finale with NXT Stand & Deliver!

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