How can WWE get out of this conundrum?

As we get closer to WrestleMania in SoFi stadium, everyone of us here at CSS has one thing in their mind. How will WWE split the Heavyweight titles? Will they go with Undisputed titles or do they have a strong storyline reason to split the titles?

Cody Rhodes wanted the iconic WWE Championship and Roman Reigns started this history making reign of his with Universal Championship. Should Roman go on both nights to defend both titles separately? What about Zayn's storyline? What about after WrestleMania? How will Roman's Bloodline faction cope up with a Tribal Chief without the Heavyweight titles? There are so many questions in this enchanting storyline.

I don't know if what I'm suggesting is a good idea or not but I've been thinking about it ever since Cody won the Rumble match. What if Roman being the arrogant heel he is, say he will give Cody the chance to fight for only the WWE championship and not the Universal Championship since winning a rumble match grants you a championship opportunity for only one title not two. What if he tries to weasel his way out of putting the Universal Championship on the line? That way he can have the Universal Championship after WrestleMania and continue his storyline on Smackdown as the Tribal Chief. I know it's not a perfect way out but from the rumors we've been hearing about WWE wanting to split the titles, they'll have to come up with a creative and satisfied way since it's Roman's storyline we are talking about.

Do any of you have any creative ideas to split the titles? Let us hear it.

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