The Nightly: February 6th, 2023

Hello Nightly!!!

So today was a bit all over the place. Went into town for a bit, and ended up getting called into work. Also watched Raw and it was okay I suppose. Missed the first hour due to work, but saw the last two hours. Brock’s promo was bad, and Cody’s promo was okay. As far as the main event goes, at least it actually happened, I suppose. It was a fine match, but it wasn’t as special as it should have been. And while it’s cool to see Lita, Becky having to have help to win the match, I don’t k ow, I wasn’t a fan of the way it was executed. Granted, I wouldn’t have wanted her to go all Bianca and just single handily beat all of them all at once, but at the same time, I think they could have, I don’t know, maybe spaced it out a little bit more? Or at least have Lita handle Dakota and Iyo while Becky handles and beats Bayley? I don’t know. At least they gave Becky a win.

On to the Nightly.

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