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AAA reveals 10 wrestlers to compete in Mask vs. Mask cage match at Triplemania XXXI Monterrey

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The first stop for Triplemania XXXI of the three-city tour is Monterrey on April 16. AAA announced some of the big matches for the card, including a mask versus mask cage match.

Ten luchadores will compete in a cage match with the final two duking it out later in the evening in mask versus mask. AAA revealed the list of participants to be Laredo Kid, Antifaz, Octagon Jr., Villano III Jr., Argenis, Myzteziz, Aerostar, La Parka Negra, Dralistico, and Taurus.

There are various feuds within the mix for the lucha de apuestas final. Laredo Kid and Antifaz were live at the press conference, and a skirmish broke out after exchanging heated words. Antifaz is a local talent from Monterrey, so it would make sense if his feud with Laredo took center stage. Octagon Jr. and Villano III Jr., Argenis and Myzteziz, as well as Aerostar and La Parka Negra have all been angling for mask versus mask over the past few years to blow off their individual feuds.

The Guerra de Rivalidades semifinal matchups are set. This tournament is the feature attraction spanning across all three Triplemania events this year. The concept is tag teams of rivals to compete with the losers advancing to a lucha de apuestas with mask or hair on the line at the Triplemania XXXI finale in Mexico City on August 12.

In Monterrey, Pentagon Jr. & Alberto El Patron will battle Psycho Clown & Sam Adonis on one half of the bracket.

Psycho Clown and Sam Adonis are the odds-on favorite to lose their way into a mask versus hair finale. Pentagon and Alberto don’t have hot beef, at least not spicy enough for a match of this magnitude.

Also in Monterrey, Blue Demon Jr. & DMT Azul take on Rush & a partner in the other half of the bracket.

Pagano was originally supposed the teammate for Rush, however, AAA announced that Pagano is injured and unable to compete. They will name Rush’s new partner at a later date. Lucha libre fans across the world are hoping it is LA Park. Rush and LA Park have been bitter rivals for a very long time hoping for a promoter to up the ante in offering big money for hair versus mask. This might be the time for AAA to finally pull the trigger.

The replacement for Pagano should be telling about who is expected to win. Someone like Fenix would provide excitement for the match, but it wouldn’t compare to the feud between Blue Demon Jr. and DMT Azul going forward in the tournament. I would say the battle of the blues is the second most likely candidate for the finale.

The Copa Triplemania contest will be settled in teams. AAA booked it as Team Chilango versus Team Regio. Chilango is a term for Mexico City natives, while regiomontano is used for habitants of Monterrey. The only luchador named at the press conference was Toscano representing Team Regio.

The card so far for Triplemania XXI Monterrey includes:

  • Guerra de Rivalidades semifinal: Pentagon Jr. & Alberto El Patron vs. Psycho Clown & Sam Adonis
  • Guerra de Rivalidades semifinal: Blue Demon Jr. & DMT Azul vs. Rush & ???
  • Mask vs. Mask qualifier cage match: Laredo Kid vs. Antifaz vs. Octagon Jr. vs. Villano III Jr. vs. Argenis vs. Myzteziz vs. Aerostar vs. La Parka Negra vs. Dralistico vs. Taurus
  • Mask vs. Mask final
  • Copa Triplemania: Team Chilango vs. Team Regio

More bouts will be added in the future. The show is expected to be available for viewing through Fite TV.

What’s your take on the card for Triplemania XXXI in Monterrey?

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