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NWA Roundup: Women’s TV title qualifier, hoss fights, & nipple twisters

Let’s check in on the National Wrestling Alliance.

The latest edition of NWA Powerrr featured new women’s tag team champions, Matt Cardona running from Bully Ray, and EC3’s new partnership.

The big news from the show was that the NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship changed hands not once but twice. The Renegade Twins entered as champions against Ella Envy & Roxy of Pretty Empowered. Roxy cheated on the win by grabbing the tights for a roll-up to win the titles. Madi Wrenkowski immediately cashed in her Champions Series title shot with Missa Kate as her partner. The challengers wrecked Pretty Empowered to become new champs. (Full details here.)

Matt Cardona has his mind on Bully Ray, but first up was a match with Odinson. Cardona won the competitive bout by hitting Odinson with a foreign object. Cardona then ran his mouth calling out Bully for a fight any time. Bully answered the call only for Cardona to back down like a coward. Cardona proposed Bully wrestle Mike Knox. Bully wasn’t bothered to go through Knox again to get his opportunity at Cardona. (Full details here.)

In other action, Kratos answered the open challenge against Cyon for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship. Kratos was gearing up to finish, but the ten-minute time limit expired for a draw. Mims & Dak Draper defeated Blunt Force Trauma when Aron Stevens was caught throwing a loaded punch on Mims. The referee called for the disqualification. BFT stood by Stevens and didn’t care that he cost them the match, which is odd considering Carnage and Damage were in control at the time.

On the promo tip, EC3 explained his partnership with BLK Jeez. The brand cooperation is about creating opportunities and controlling narratives. EC3 is in the NWA to manifest his final form. The next step in that process will be challenging Cyon for NWA National Heavyweight Championship at the NWA 312 PPV. Tyrus was suspicious of this new arrangement. The most dangerous thing about success is the people you surround yourself with. The enemy of his enemy is now supposed to be his friend?

Jamie Stanley spoke on Joe Alonzo’s behalf to challenge Kerry Morton for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship. The champ accepted as long as Alonzo beat a worthy competitor of his choosing. Kerry also addressed the dispute with Ricky Morton last week. Emotions were hot, but he loves his father. That is that.

The latest episode of NWA USA featured a qualifying bout for the NWA Women’s World Television Championship tournament, hoss fighting, and nipple twisting.

Samantha Starr and Ashley D’Amboise competed in a qualifying bout for the NWA Women’s World Television Championship tournament. Starr is the daughter of Baby Doll. D’Amboise showed no respect for the third-generation wrestler. Starr took control with a facebuster and Samoan drop. D’Amboise had the last laugh by sitting down on a sunset flip and grabbing the ropes to secure the winning pin. D’Amboise joins Taya Valkyrie in the tournament. Max The Impaler versus Natalia Markova and KiLynn King versus Kenzie Paige are the remaining qualifying bouts.

Hoss fight! Thrillbilly Silas Mason rumbled with Judais. According to Father James Mitchell, Judias has a scientifically proven genetic mutation for a pain tolerance five times greater than any professional wrestler. That was evident during this match. Body slam by Silas, kick out at 1 by Judais. Running shoulder tackle by Silas, kick out at 1 by Judais. The monster rose up to goozle Silas. Thrillbilly broke free to execute the Thrill Ride helicopter slam for victory.

In other action, Joe Alonzo defeated PJ Hawx with help from Jamie Stanley. Alonzo bent the rules for eye pokes and nipple twisters. When Hawx had momentum on the turnbuckles, Stanley created a distraction. Alonzo tossed his opponent down to the mat and finished with a full nelson Stroke.

On the promo tip, Bobby Fulton and the Fixers got heated. Fulton viewed the former US tag champs stealing the old titles as an act of disrespect toward the NWA. Accept that they lost. The Fixers threatened to rough up the old dinosaur, so Fulton exited to find friends to whip their butts. Fodder challenged anyone in the world to a fight as long as they are on the same level of crazy as him.

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