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ECW & WWE wrestler Stevie Richards dealing with health issues

Earlier this week, former ECW & WWE wrestler Stevie Richards (real name Michael Manna) posted the following Instagram:

The caption explains how the 51 year old former ECW Tag and WWE Hardcore champion was posting workout videos in the weeks leading up to posting a pic of himself in a hospital gown, using a walker. But how did he get there?

According to PWInsider and the newest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Richards has dealing with back and spinal issues. As he also shared in his post, those have worsened in recent weeks, necessitating treatment.

Insider reminds us that Stevie had neck surgery in the late 1990s after suffering an injury during his feud with Terry Funk & Raven, but doesn’t say whether his current condition is directly related to that, or is just the result of 25+ years in the wrestling business. In addition to his most well known runs in ECW and WWE, Richards has also worked WCW, TNA/Impact, NWA, ROH, and various independents throughout his career. His last match was in 2021.

Best wishes to “Dr. Stevie” for a speedy recovery!

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