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EC3 controls his narrative for title shot on NWA 312 PPV

Intrigue was afoot at the conclusion of last week’s episode of Powerrr when EC3 was seen mingling with BLK Jeez. That caught Tyrus off guard during his worlds championship defense, and he was not pleased. BLK Jeez has been with Tyrus throughout his rise in the NWA, while EC3 has appeared to be a potential rival in the spirit of competition. During the week’s episode of Powerrr, EC3 controlled his narrative for a title shot, but it’s not the title you would expect.

EC3 and BLK Jeez explained their motivation in an interview conducted by Joe Galli. Church’s Money Entertainment and CYN are forming a brand cooperation. Jeez stressed that all is good with big homie Tyrus. Church’s Money had to think outside the box to diversify. This partnership is about creating opportunities and controlling narratives.

EC3 has a championship on his mind, but it is not chasing the NWA’s top prize held by Tyrus. At least not yet. EC3’s reason for being in the NWA is to manifest his final form, to become who he is supposed to be. To achieve that path, he will be challenging Cyon (aka Robert Anthony) for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship at the NWA 312 PPV in Chicago on April 7.

Even though the target has shifted, intrigue still remains. Cyon is also represented by Church’s Money Entertainment in association with Idolmania Sports Management. Jeez and Austin Idol have had great success leading the group, but they have clashed heads at times. Could this be a power play by Jeez? Also, the question remains who will challenge Tyrus for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

The unofficial card so far for NWA 312 includes:

  • NWA Women’s World Television Championship tournament final
  • NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Cyon (c) vs. EC3

Does this news encourage you to control your narrative to order the NWA 312 PPV?

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