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AAA Roundup: Banger alert for two rising stars

AAA is building new stars by showcasing amazing talent. Komander and Jack Cartwheel put on a fantastic match in a singles duel.

That bout is the main event selection for Queretaro, Part 2. This episode was taped on January 21, 2023. If you enjoy lucha libre athleticism, then Komander versus Cartwheel is worth the time to watch.

Komander and Cartwheel broke the scale for cool moves throughout the match. The finish in particular was awesome. Komander thought he had the upper hand on a super hurricanrana, but Cartwheel flipped onto his feet to land safely on the mat. Komander was in disbelief and went for a springboard move to regain control. Cartwheel caught him for a rolling Death Valley Driver. Cartwheel thought he had victory on a Michinoku driver, however, Komander kicked out on the cover. Komander was back on top for a springboard leap into a wicked reverse rana planting Cartwheel on his head. Komander sealed the deal with a rope-walking shooting star press for victory.

Lucha Libre AAA

Cartwheel cut a promo backstage giving Komander props as one of the best. Cartwheel was so close to winning and believes he can get the job done next time. Cartwheel requested one more chance from Komander to prove he is the better luchador. Living up to his last name, Cartwheel cartwheeled off screen.

This was the type of match that leaves an impression. One way to create new stars is to let them shine in the ring. Komander and Cartwheel did just that. AAA gave them the stage one-on-one with no funny business. Their skills did the talking. Komander and Cartwheel left me wanting more, and I’m looking forward to a rematch.

Las Toxicas were given plenty of time on the broadcast as top rudas in the women’s division. Flammer, Hiedra, and Maravilla have their eye on collecting gold. Flammer is the current mixed tag champion. Hiedra won the Showcenter tournament. Maravilla heard rumors of AAA introducing women’s tag titles. Flammer is targeting Taya Valkyrie and the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. Hiedra wants the group to compete for trios belts. Las Toxicas have big plans for 2023.

Championship gold wasn’t the only thing on their list. Hiedra continued stringing along Mr. Iguana with hopes of love. He felt strong chemistry with Hiedra in Cancun, but she slowed it down. Hiedra requested that Iguana provide more expensive gifts to earn her interest.

Despite the ego, Las Toxicas backed it up in the ring on this episode by defeating Dulce Kanela, Sexy Star, & Lady Shani in trios action. The babyfaces had momentum down the stretch. Kanela landed a flying splash onto Flammer. Sexy Star and Shani added a double submission. Hiedra broke it up by hitting them in the head with a cookie sheet. Las Toxicas pounced on Kanela for a stunner from Hiedra, a Codebreaker from Flammer, and a bridging German suplex from Maravilla for the win. Las Toxicas straddled the ropes to dance in celebration.

Lucha Libre AAA

In the opening contest, Drago Kid, Brazo de Oro Jr., & Mini Vikingo defeated Iron Kid, Dinamico, & Demus via disqualification. Yes, disqualification. AAA booked a rare DQ finish despite the rules often being blatantly broken. The tecnicos had momentum on a triple moonsault to the outside. Drago Kid went for a 450 splash, but Demos got his knees up to block. The rudo brought in a chair to hit his opponent. Referee Piero El Internacional ordered a DQ. The rudos laid in a beating to the good guys after the match.

If you’re wondering why this trios bout was a disqualification when the women’s contest was not, you aren’t alone. Commentary explained that Konnan ordered a new focus on rule enforcement for regular matches. When Las Toxicas cheated, commentary was quick to explain that their match had a No DQ stipulation even though that was never mentioned in the introductions. What can I say? AAA is going to AAA.

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